July 27, 2019
WWE Rumors: Donald Trump Wants To Work With WWE And Be 'Bigger Than Obama'

In early October, WWE is moving SmackDown Live from the USA Network to Fox in a move that exchanged a lot of money. With All Elite Wrestling premiering their weekly TV show around the same time, Vince McMahon is looking to have the blue brand's new debut be bigger than ever. For that to happen, they are looking to have many big names on the first episode on Fox and that includes the President of the United States.

Donald Trump has been a part of WWE before as he's appeared at multiple events and is even in the Hall of Fame. He was a main player at WrestleMania 23 in a "Hair vs. Hair Match" which saw him stand in the corner of Bobby Lashley while McMahon stood behind Umaga.

The match ended with Vince being held down in a chair by Trump, Lashley, and Stone Cold Steve Austin as the WWE boss had his head shaved.

While not everyone may care for the president or his methods, he does bring about a lot of attention and press. That is why WWE has reportedly been trying to secure his appearance on the first episode of SmackDown Live that will air on Fox.

Sportskeeda is now reporting that talks are indeed progressing between the two sides and that if this is going to happen, Trump's people want his appearance to be "bigger than Obama."

Donald Trump raises the hand of Bobby Lashley at

Former President Barack Obama has appeared for WWE in the past and delivered messages to the wrestling fans of the world. It was never an extended showing or anything that lasted a long period of time, but he did work with the company before.

According to rumors flying around from Sportskeeda, Donald Trump's team of people are now involved in conversations with WWE. Trump has personally shown an interest in appearing on SmackDown Live, but he wants to make sure that his presidential showing is bigger than that of anyone else.

WWE wants him to show up for the blue brand's big move, but they also don't want to devote too much airtime to Trump. The current president is known to be rather long-winded at times, and WWE does not want to turn his appearance into a presidential campaign speech.

For now, it is not confirmed that Donald Trump will show up for SmackDown Live's debut on FOX or not, but there are discussions involving both sides. If a live appearance doesn't end up working out, there could be a pre-recorded message of some kind that WWE could twist in their advertising.