'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Friday: Rey Moves Out Of Sharon's Home

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, July 26 brings a breakup for Rey and Sharon while Celeste leaves town. Plus, Victoria and Phyllis make an unlikely alliance while Victor makes a demand of Chelsea.

Still reeling from the news that Lola (Sasha Calle) nearly lost her life, Celeste (Eva LaRue) found Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) at Crimson Lights, and she gushed to Summer's (Hunter King) mother about Summer's selfless donation that saved Lola's life. Both Celeste and Phyllis commiserated about not finding out about the surgery their daughters underwent until after the fact. Celeste told Phyllis she should be proud of Summer, and Phyllis agreed.

Later, Celeste found Summer, and she thanked the young woman for saving Lola's life. Then, she also asked Summer if Lola was making a mistake marrying Kyle (Michael Mealor). Summer said Lola made a good choice, and then she owned up to how she tried to mess up Kyle and Lola's relationship. Then, Celeste found Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) and took him to task for not calling her during Lola's ordeal. Rey admitted he felt like a failure and prayed instead of calling Celeste. Later, Celeste announced she was leaving, and Lola tried to get her mom to stay, but Celeste refused.

It wasn't a great day for Rey and Sharon (Sharon Case.) They argued about Adam (Mark Grossman.) Sharon continued defending her choice to go to the custody hearing with Adam, and Rey compared Sharon to Mia (Noemi Gonzalez.) Although Sharon insisted that the only man she loves is Rey, he told Sharon that he cannot continue having the same fight about Adam. Rey packed up his bags and headed for the Genoa City Athletic Club.

At Chancellor Park, Victoria (Amelia Heinle), Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan), and Sharon (Sharon Case) discussed the best way to keep Christian happy while he stayed at Victoria's. Victoria confronted Sharon over showing up in court with Adam, and they argued. Then, Chelsea told Victoria everything Christian likes so that he can feel comfortable at his aunt's house. Phyllis showed up, calling herself Aunt Phyllis (Aunt Phyllis?), and all four women argued. After Sharon and Chelsea left, Victoria offered Phyllis a deal. Victoria wanted to team up with Phyllis against Adam, and they struck a deal with conditions for Victoria to buy Dark Horse since Phyllis is using Summertime Inc. to transfer assets.

Finally, Chelsea showed up to talk to Victor (Eric Braeden.) He asked her to bring Connor to Genoa City, but she decided against it for the time being. Connor is safer away from Adam.