July 27, 2019
Coco Austin Shares Ultra-Racy Instagram Picture In Fishnets And A Thong

Coco Austin is no stranger to showing off, and the 40-year-old had plenty to reveal to her Instagram followers this week.

The model took to Instagram to share a picture of her massive shoe collection, but her followers were more interested in what was in the foreground --- Coco on her knees, wearing some revealing lingerie that included fishnets and a barely-there thong. The snap was a huge hit with her followers, garnering tens of thousands of likes and all kinds of compliments.

The racy pictures have become a tradition for Coco Austin, who, The Sun noted all the way back in 2012, had taken to celebrating "thong Thursdays" by sharing especially revealing snaps with her followers. The wife of rapper and actor Ice-T, whose real name is Nicole Natalie Marrow, has amassed a following of 3 million people on Instagram largely through sharing these racy pictures with such regularity, and she never seems to let them down.

Coco Austin has been open with her fans in a number of other ways, including some very revealing interviews about her love life with Ice-T. In an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Coco revealed that she loves being submissive to her man.

"I'm a slave to him," Austin told Cohen, via the Kansas City Star. "It has been 15 years and so far it has worked out. I think all women should do it."

Ice-T has been just as open about what he finds most appealing in his wife, and he told The Daily Mail that it actually wasn't her unreal 39DD-23-40 dimensions that first caught his eye.

"It was her teeth, they were the first things I saw," Ice-T said, though admitting that it didn't take long to notice the rest. "...and then I saw her boobs. And then," he laughed, "when she turned around, that big butt."

Ice-T said he met Coco Austin at the wrong time in his life to start a relationship, saying it took more than a decade from the time they first crossed paths on the set of a music video before their relationship bloomed. The rapper said he learned there is a lot more to Coco than just her curvy physique.

"I applied the stereotype that everyone does to Coco – that she just wanted to party and have a good time. But she was just an honest and giving woman. She's the nicest person, man or woman, I've ever met," he said.

Fans of Coco Austin still get to see plenty of those dimensions in all of her racy Instagram pictures and videos.