July 27, 2019
Kourtney Kardashian's String Bikini Body Is Straight-Up Insane

Kourtney Kardashian is wowing her fans. The 40-year-old is currently on vacation in Corsica, per recent photos obtained by The Daily Mail. It looks like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has shared a holiday picture to her Instagram. The paparazzi may snap this mother of three in swimwear, but Kourtney is more than happy to volunteer photos of herself rocking it to social media.

Kourtney's photo today showed her relaxing amid parched and natural rocks. The camera had taken this mother of three's frame in full-length: fans were treated to Kourtney's killer body from head to toe. The Poosh CEO was flaunting her sexy curves in a tiny yellow bikini that brought out everything from her slender and toned limbs to her sizzling tan. A pair of water goggles placed on the star's head suggested she might have been enjoying some diving.

Although Kourtney's bikini didn't send fans the star's sexy cleavage, it did include a few racy details. The two-piece's upper was tied together with cute string ties, and photos of Kourtney's ensemble posted by The Daily Mail also showed the bikini to be thonged.

Kourtney offered no words in her emoji-based caption, although none seemed needed. The star smiled for the camera as she sent out her most relaxed vacation vibes.

Kourtney's photo today may have shown her alone, but her vacation doesn't come as a solo one. The Daily Mail reported the California native spending quality time with her three kids: Ten-year-old Mason, 7-year-old Penelope, and 4-year-old Reign joined their mother. As fans will know, Kourtney co-parents her brood with ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Scott Disick.Kourtney has been making major headlines this year. April saw the star launch her Poosh lifestyle brand with full vigor. The female-centric website that offers topic-wide blog posts ranging from wellness and style advice to holistic nutrition tips has largely proven well-received. The brand's Instagram account already has 3 million followers.Poosh comes with a message straight from Kourtney.
"I decided to launch Poosh because I felt that there was something missing in the healthy lifestyle space. Healthy living gets a bad rap; it's as though if you care about what you put in — or on — your body, then you're not sexy or cool. But this just isn't true, and Poosh is here to prove just that."
Kourtney's update today proved popular. It had racked up over 242,000 likes within just 50 minutes of going live. Fans wishing to see more of Kourtney should follow her Instagram.