Bikini Model Kristen Strout Busts Out Of Ripped Army Shirt & Daisy Dukes: 'Sexy Photos' Are 'Part Of Who I Am'

Kristen Strout is packing a punch on Instagram. The Tennessee-based model has a bio pointing towards a multi-faceted career: her status as a "bikini/car promo model" is what greets fans. While the model's latest update didn't throw the platform a two-piece, it did include a vehicle.

Earlier today, Kristen updated her Instagram. An outdoor photo shot amid woodlands showed the blonde posing by a quad bike. Fans of Kristen will know that her interests include vehicles alongside the guns she adores.

Kristen was looking sensational in her itsy-bitsy outfit. The model's sexy body was on full show via a ripped and cropped shirt in camouflage motifs paired with a tiny pair of Daisy Dukes in white. While the minimal upper was flashing the model's womanly cleavage via criss-cross details, the shorts were sending out this sensation's long and bronzed legs. Kristen appeared to be fully embracing her country vibe as she took in the fresh air and leaned against the quad bike with a peaceful expression.

There's always something upping the ante with this bombshell, though. Alongside the sizzling body being showcased via today's minuscule outfit, fans were getting a little leather injection; Strout's glossy black boots were heeled and further elongating her already-long pins.

A lengthy caption from the star appeared to come as an explanation: Kristen outlined that Instagram had "deleted" one of her profiles with what she claimed to be a mix-up. As a result, Kristen announced that more toned-down content should be expected from her in the future, although she did reassure her followers that "sexy photos" would still appear on her feed. Kristen confirmed such snaps as being "part" of her identity.This model seems to bring a breath of fresh air to Instagram. While Kristen's scantily-clad updates do not differ massively from the platform's competing bikini faces, Kristen brings something else to the table. The all-American country girl vibe is one that's largely well-received from Kristen's dedicated fanbase – and with good reason.
Kristen has updated her account with photoshoots showing her rocking plaid shirts and Daisy Dukes in the hay. She has also posted images of herself toting guns and spending time with horses. The model also seems to appreciate what goes on behind the scenes of her updates with frequent shout-outs thanking her photographers.

Kristen's update today proved popular, racking up over 3,600 likes in just one hour. The same time frame brought over 128 fans into the comments section.

Kristen has 884,000 Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Kristen should follow her account.