July 27, 2019
The Mother Of Missing Connecticut Woman Jennifer Dulos Gets Custody Of Her Five Children

The case of missing Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos is heartbreaking for everyone involved, especially her five children. Jennifer has been missing since May 24 and was last seen dropping her kids off at school. Her five children range in age from 8-years-old to 13-years-old and they are all holding out hope that maybe their mother will one day come home. Jennifer's estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, is being looked at as the primary suspect in her disappearance. Thus, Jennifer's 85-year-old mother Gloria Farber has fought for the custody of the kids. She finally got her wish and was awarded custody on July 25, according to The CT Post.

After Jennifer's disappearance, the kids all went to live with Gloria in her New York City apartment. Fotis attempted to intervene and dismiss her request for custody but Judge Donna Heller ignored his request.

In court, Judge Heller said that she considered a variety of factors when coming to this decision. This included "the relevant statutes, the applicable case law, the testimony of the guardian ad litem, the decrees of the Darien-New Canaan Probate Court, the adverse inference drawn from the defendant's invocation of his Fifth Amendment privilege and refusal to testify, the arguments of counsel, and the written motions and supporting and opposing memoranda of law."

While the case is still being treated as a missing person investigation and not a murder, it is appearing less and less likely that Jennifer will be found alive. On the night that she was reported missing, a significant amount of her blood was found on the floor of her garage, suggesting that she was attacked in her own home. Later that night, Fotis and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were captured on video surveillance dropping various bags into several different dumpsters. It was later revealed that Jennifer's bloodied garments were in the bag. Both Troconis and Fotis were later arrested for tampering with evidence and interfering with the investigation. They are currently out on bail.

Fotis has declared his complete innocence since the beginning. He even did a live televised interview in which he said that while he and his estranged wife had their differences, he would have never done anything to hurt her. Prior to her disappearance, Jennifer had filed for divorce from Fotis and claimed that he was emotionally abusive to her. They were in the wake of a nasty custody battle over the five children.