Kourtney Kardashian's Yellow Thong Bikini Disgusts Fans: Kiddie Situation Sparks Outrage

Kourtney Kardashian appears to have caused a stir. Photos of the 40-year-old aboard a yacht in Corsica were obtained by The Daily Mail yesterday. The newspaper's snaps showed the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star flaunting her killer body in a yellow thong bikini as she enjoyed her break with kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign. The star's children are aged 10, 7, and 4, respectively.

While praise for the Poosh CEO's sensational physique has already seen fans dubbing her the best-looking of her sisters, per The Inquisitr, it looks like viewers to this set of paparazzi photos have been manifesting mixed reactions. Alongside seeing herself praised, this mother of three is now finding herself slammed. Quite simply, viewers are questioning whether a thonged two-piece is appropriate for a family vacation.

The Daily Mail's viewers have been leaving their thoughts over in the newspaper's comments section.

"I don't understand why she and other women expose their entire rear ends in front of their children. No class," one user wrote with over 1,500 individuals upvoting the comment.

"Having your butt hanging out in front of your kids is indecent" was a comment racking up over 81 upvotes.

"Her *zz hanging out in front of kids is tasteless," another wrote.

Fortunately for Kourtney, not all comments appeared out to challenge her choice of attire. Most fans would agree that a family outing on the water calls for swimwear. That said, not every mother would opt for a thonged finish in front of their kids. It looks like this set of viewers was out to probe Kourtney and her rear-flashing look.

"No decent mom would parade her naked *zz cheeks around right in front of their kids...," one fan stated.

Alongside her sisters, Kourtney is known for pushing the boundaries in the wardrobe department. The star's social media photos and public appearances frequently come with sexy and cleavage-flaunting ensembles, although Kourtney's image is mostly viewed as being a progressive expression of sexuality with many fans feeling that her style is an empowering one. The ex-girlfriend to Scott Disick will hit up dinner joints in satin bra looks, although not all of this star's outfits are risqué. Kourtney is spotted out and about in athleisurewear covering up her sizzling curves just as often.Kourtney will, however, opt for the odd nude shot, although images of this mother unclothed tend to come with a classy finish. The star stripped down to promote her 2019-launched Poosh lifestyle brand, however her modesty was protected.

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