July 27, 2019
Bikini Modeling 'Teen Mom' Mackenzie McKee Flaunts Insane Gym Body In Glitter Pinks Ahead Of Series Return

Mackenzie McKee is likely gearing up for her return to the MTV franchise she used to be a part of. As The Inquisitr reports, the Teen Mom 3 alum is set to feature on Teen Mom OG. Mackenzie hasn't been mentioning her return to television on her social media, but fans are still noticing the blonde's updates. This fitness model and bikini competitor is a a total gym nut with her latest Instagram update being living proof.

Mackenzie updated her Instagram last night. Her snaps came straight from the gym as is often seen on this mother of three's feed. Mackenzie appeared to be encouraging fans to stay fit and healthy via some exercise advice, although her post doubled up as a reminder of just why this gym bunny is worth listening to.

Two photos showed Mackenzie and husband Josh McKee in a workout room. Josh had his back to the camera as he struck a bicep-flaunting pose, but his wife was facing the camera. Mackenzie was sending out a semi-joking and surprised reaction at her husband's built body, but the star's own silhouette wasn't falling short on the wow factor. Mackenzie had her bikini competitor physique on show via a tight and glittery tank top in hot pinks and blacks. Her muscular arms and shoulders were on display, although the camera cutting off at the waist didn't show fans Mackenzie's super-strong legs.

Mackenzie's dedication to fitness seems second to none. June saw Mackenzie push herself to the limits in preparation for a bikini modeling competition with pictures of the star's rippling muscles posted straight from the event. Mackenzie's posts were accompanied by lengthy captions outlining her nerves, fears, and Type 1 diabetes, although the star did seem to be manifesting a little low self-esteem overall.An Instagram update showcasing Mackenzie's red-and-white bikini came with mentions of "fat" that had a few fans worried for the star.
"Did not bring in the package i wanted to today. I'm a bit bummed. My body has held onto fat like crazy. Thank you insulin and thank you hormones. But I did the dang thing and ready to shred shred for the next show"
Updates from Mackenzie aren't just about her love of the active lifestyle, though. Mackenzie's three children, Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs Weston, regularly pop up on their mother's Instagram. Just three days ago, the Oklahoma native shared adorable snaps of her family enjoying a fun-filled pool outing.

Fans wishing to see more of Mackenzie should follow the star's Instagram.