July 27, 2019
Candace Cameron Bure Threatens To Quit 'Fuller House' If This One Thing Doesn't Happen On Set

Candace Cameron Bure has made a hilarious contractual demand for the final season of Fuller House. The Netflix star recently reacted to an on-set visit from co-star John Stamos' 15-month-old son, Billy, and she came up with an adorable clause for her contract after the toddler stole her heart.

Last year, Stamos welcomed Billy, his first child with wife Caitlin McHugh, and the actor been inseparable from his little buddy ever since. After baby Billy visited the Fuller House set at Warner Bros. Studios with his famous dad last week, Candace Cameron Bure told Access she "might" need a tweak to her contract demands to include regular visits from her longtime co-star's kid.

"I need Billy to be here every week. I think I am going to put that in my contract. There is going to be a rider that Billy Stamos must be here every week so I can have hugs and kisses from him... because he is the cutest thing ever."
Candace also commented on a photo of her and co-star Jodie Sweetin that John posted after Billy's visit to the Fuller House set. The actor, who plays Jesse Katspolis on the Netflix spinoff, teased that "someone loved" visiting the Fuller House set, prompting Candace to post a hilarious threat that would threaten the finale of the long-running comedy series.
"I may throw an awful actress tantrum and quit if Billy isn't on set every week!"
No matter what happens with Candace's contract, Fuller House is currently nearing the end of its five-season run. The 43-year-old actress has revealed that she will direct at least one episode of the show's final season, telling Access that she has always been very "actor focused," but that on the series that she has been a part of since age 10, directing also comes naturally to her.As for John Stamos' previous tease that he is considering developing a prequel series set before Fuller House's 1980s era, Candace admitted that such a show would probably be set before her character, DJ Tanner's, time.

"Obviously if it's a prequel, we wouldn't even be around or alive," Candace said. "But it would be super cool to see them (Uncle Jesse, Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, played by Stamos, Bob Saget; and Dave Coulier) be young. But I don't know if we would be a part of that show."

Maybe if they get Billy Stamos on board she'll consider it.

The final season of Fuller House will hit Netflix later this year.