July 27, 2019
Robin Holzken Dons Hot Pepper Bikini & Leans On A Caution Sign

Robin Holzken shared a new Instagram Story that showed her wearing a brightly patterned bikini. The photo was tagged with Cosmopolitan Espana's handle, so it looks like this is a sneak peek of a photo shoot she did with the publication.

The bikini Robin wore was light pink with red hot peppers throughout. The top had ruffle accents on the straps and in the front, while the bottoms mimicked the ruffles on the sides. The model was spotted leaning on a yellow caution sign, as she posed on her tip toes. She looked over her left shoulder toward the sky, and smiled widely for the shot. Her hair was also worn down in a heavy right part.

Behind Holzken, fans could see a yellow and green brush, as well as a green and blue wall. The photo had a playful and flirty feel.

Another recent post by the model garnered tons of likes and comments by her fans. It showed her in a neon yellow dress, which hugged her curves. It had a basic cut, although it was anything but basic. There appeared to be a clear, light fabric that was draped in diagonals down the front, giving the dress volume while accentuating her curves.

The model wore her dark hair slicked back and in a middle part, and she popped her right hip for the photo. Robin also smiled slightly with her lips closed, and rocked a dark, lined brow, and plenty of eyeliner. Her eyeshadow was a mix of white and purple, while she pursed her lips while wearing pink lipstick. She stood inside sliding glass doors, which gave way to a scenic backdrop. This included a high-rise building and the ocean.

The photo was a huge hit, with even fellow model Chase Carter stopping by with a compliment.

"Robin every photo can't be my favorite photo ever so can you tone it down a bit please geesh," joked Carter.

"Neon never looked so good!!!" exclaimed another person.

The color, which might have been unexpected, was especially striking for the following fan.

"You're so fire @robinholzken! Neon moment is major!... I comment on this dress every time I see it photographed... such a STUNNA!" they declared.

Others argued amongst themselves about the color of the dress. Some believed it was green, others yellow, while some said light green. Robin's caption, however, suggests that she thinks it is yellow.