July 27, 2019
Angelina Jolie Goes Braless In Black Silk Top In L.A.

Angelina Jolie treated herself this week as she was spotted heading to a Los Angeles spa for some rest and relaxation.

According to Hollywood Life, Angelina Jolie rocked a skimpy little ensemble for her outing, which was sure to have heads turning as she walked the streets in L.A.

In photos taken by the paparazzi, Jolie is spotted wearing a skimpy, black silk tank top. The actress seemingly goes braless underneath of the top, which she pairs with some matching black pants.

Angelina has her long, brown hair parted down the middle and styled in loose curls that fall down her back and cascade over her shoulders. She also rocks a full face of makeup for her day out, which includes a shimmering highlighter, pink blush on her cheeks, and a nude lip.

Jolie accessorizes with a pair of small, dangling earrings, a pair of brown, oversized sunglasses, some black shoes, red polish on her toenails, a black jacket, which she drapes over her arm, and a brown leather bag that she has slung over her shoulder.

The actress's outing was rare as she didn't have any of her six children in tow. She even takes them all with her when she's on the road filming.

Angie recently had the kids in Mexico with her as she filmed Those Who Wish Me Dead, and plans to take them to London later this summer when she starts work for Marvel's new film, The Eternals.

Angelina Jolie has said to have worked out all of the details with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, about custody of the kids during that time.

"She wants them to have time with Brad and they are spending time with him, but she is way too attached to just take off and leave them for the summer, that isn't happening," a source tells the outlet, adding that the pair have everything worked out for custody when fall rolls around.

"The kids will spend time with their dad this summer but they will see him at his Los Feliz home the way they always do. They have an agreement in place and they see him several times a week, they have a schedule and it's all very coordinated," the source stated.

The insider also revealed that the kids get shuffled around between the parents' homes using drivers so that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt don't have to see each other every time the kids change houses.