Britney Spears Gets Sweaty In Short Shorts And Sports Bra In Revealing Workout Video

Britney Spears is turning up the heat in her latest Instagram video, working up a sweat as she tries to work off a couple of pounds that she added recently.

The "Toxic" singer shared a video this week on Instagram, telling fans that she had a mission to do an hour on the treadmill, 20 minutes of cardio, and another 20 minutes of yoga to top it all off. She then shared a time-lapsed video of herself going through jumping jacks and a series of other exercises that left her sweaty and showed off her tight body in a sports bra and short shorts.

Many fans left some words of support, with some praising her dedication and others telling Britney not to worry so much about gaining just a couple of pounds.

"You are beautiful. Don't live your live chained to the scale! Be healthy and happy!" one person wrote.

"You are perfect," another added.

Britney Spears has been all about health lately, sharing plenty of workout videos and revealing some information about her strict summer workout regimen. People magazine had a breakdown of her routine, noting that Britney preferred isolated movements to cardio. Britney added that the key to her workout strategy is repetition, but that can tend to get boring. So the star keeps a booklet that she made with all her favorite exercises to add some variety, and she also keeps plenty of music on hand to keep her motivated.

A source told the outlet that Britney's mental health concerns earlier this year were having a big impact on her life, which prompted the need to stay in the hospital and develop the right combination of medication to keep her health in check.

"Britney is dealing with debilitating emotional issues that need to be treated with medications. It's like she isn't in control over her emotions right now," the source told People magazine. "Everything is very up and down."

Britney has also taken to Instagram to show off the fruits of her labor, including some bikini pics from a recent vacation where she showed off her tight abs in a white bikini. After her hospital stay prompted worry from Britney's fans earlier this year, those fans have been excited to see her working so hard on herself and appearing to be much happier and healthier.Fans who want to see more workout videos from Britney Spears can check out her Instagram page.