Is Cait Fairbanks On Her Way Out As Tessa On ‘The Young And The Restless’?

Cait Fairbanks at THE 46TH ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS CBS after-party.
Francis Specker / CBS

After today’s The Young and the Restless casting surprise that sent Ana away from Genoa City and Loren Lott out at the number one rated CBS Daytime drama, fans can’t help but wonder who is next. One eagle-eyed fan noticed an apparent change in Cait Fairbanks’ status on the soap.

“Closing credits: Cait Fairbanks is off contract and in the recurring list. #YR,” tweeted the viewer.

So far, Fairbanks has not been moved to recurring on the official CBS Y&R site, but that same list also shows Lott as part of the contract cast. Today, The Inquisitr reported that Lott told the world that she had wrapped up at the sudser.

A while ago, Fenmore Baldwin actor Zach Tinker moved to recurring status when Fen went on tour, and so far, Fen hasn’t returned to Genoa City. Tinker has spoken out on social media about the situation a few times and said that his on-screen alter ego is still touring and would eventually make his way back to the canvas.

As for Fairbanks, her character Tessa is current Mariah’s (Camryn Grimes) girlfriend, and Tessa is making a musical comeback. Of course, part of Tessa’s storyline involved Ana being her producer. It is possible that without Ana and the complications she caused, it could mean less of a storyline for the burgeoning star of the Hamilton Winters Group music label.

Fans are concerned about the recent changes at the show. Earlier this year, Mal Young exited the show as head writer and executive producer, and Josh Griffith returned as head writer. Meanwhile, Anthony Morina became the executive producer.

“Morina/Griffith is really undoing the last six years to reset it to 10 years ago…I hate to say it, but Jordi Vilasuso is next because he has gotten somewhat storyline cornered (lost his job, lost interaction w/Arturo [Jason Canela] and Mia [Noemi Gonzalez], and Sharon turned back to Adam) Rey is almost out,” replied a fan.

Recently, Arturo actor Jason Canela was spotted in a post on Christian LeBlanc’s Instagram that was later taken down, according to The Inquisitr. Plus, both Arturo and Mia have been mentioned in the storyline recently. Rey and Sharon (Sharon Case) breaking up does not seem like a great sign for Rey.

This summer, Y&R chose not to do a teenager storyline like it does some years, and that means that Tessa is among some of the younger people portrayed on the soap — these characters have the chance of drawing in a younger audience. Ana was also one of those characters, and fans worry that the show is not trying to get another generation hooked on the storylines.