Anna Nystrom Flaunts Booty In A Thong Bikini For A Late-Night Swim Session

Anna Nystrom wears a white dress.
Anna Nystrom / Instagram

Anna Nystrom is enjoying some downtime in nature but took the time to share a photo with her fans. The new Instagram update revealed that she’s going camping right now, but was headed for a swim. The photo showed the model in a thong-cut swimsuit, which had a flowy, white floral top and light pink bottoms with ruffle accents along the top. Meanwhile, her bikini top matched with flowy fabric, featuring light pink flowers.

The model posed with her back facing the camera, and let her super-long hair down. The wind appeared to catch her hair, as it blew over her right shoulder. Anna looked like she was walking into the water, and smiled as she looked to her left.

Many of Nystrom’s fans had questions about her camping.

“Anna arent you afraid of insects and mosquitos while camping on [sic] the Woods?” asked a follower, who added that they don’t go into nature for this very reason.

“Wrong outfit for camping. Wouldn’t you say?” joked another.

“Not so sure about that water though… is it clean enough to swim in?” wondered another fan.

Others were less concerned about Anna’s camping trip, and more about the photo.

“That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!” exclaimed an Instagram user.

Meanwhile, someone else added, “You are so hot, you can cook with your hand.”

In addition, the model shared another photo yesterday before she headed out for camping. It showed her posing in front of an ornate mirror with gold trim, as she held a phone in her left hand. The photo was a reflection of her wearing a long-sleeved crop top and a pair of pink bottoms. She wore her hair down and to her side, as she smiled with her lips closed.

Behind her, you could see a stool with a large, silver vase and dried flowers. Also in front of the model to the right, another table with a smaller vase with flowers is visible. The captions discuss her hard work, and how that’s translated into her toned body.

“I respect you so much. You are an example for me -as a fitness man- and a lot of other people,” said a fan, who sounds grateful to the model.

“Love the caption and love seeing how much you’re growing physically,” another remarked.

“Those legs r awesome,” and “Wow you’re a dream woman looking phenomenal,” added others, who were taken by Nystrom’s looks.