WWE News: WWE Wanted A Strong Stable Buried At The ‘Raw Reunion,’ The Kliq Didn’t Want To Do It


This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was special, as legends and WWE Hall of Famers came together for the old-school feel of the Raw Reunion. There were some big moments and even a bit of storyline advancement, but one segment was actually meant to bury a strong faction from today’s roster. While WWE had plans of letting it happen, the legends involved really didn’t want to do it.

One match that took place on the show was Seth Rollins taking on WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, and the match was won by “The Architect.” Styles was backed-up by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows as the newly reformed Club, which is now known as The O.C.

Gallows and Anderson interfered in the match, which caused the disqualification loss for Styles, but the beatdown didn’t sit well with everyone. D-Generation X entered the ring and The O.C. tried to make good with them, but it wasn’t happening on this night.

Road Dogg and X-Pac joined Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the ring, and they were soon joined by nWo members Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The O.C. was totally outnumbered and WWE had plans for the stable to be buried, but the legends simply weren’t having it.

DX and the nWo celebrate in the ring.
Featured image credit: WWE

On this week’s episode of the X-PAC 12360 podcast, Sean Waltman had Scott Hall on as his guest and they discussed the segment. Pac said that they are The Kliq and WWE wanted to “dust us off” and “bury their top guys.” Scott Hall joked about it right back with him.

“Yeah. Let’s go hold The Club down. Screw it.”

Waltman went on to say that he felt as if it was a “bit of a burial” for Styles, Gallows, and Anderson, and that didn’t quite sit well with him. Styles is the U.S. Champion and The O.C. was just recently brought back together, which makes no sense for legends to bury them for one night of nostalgia.

Hall said that as soon as the plans were discussed backstage, The Kliq had a meeting about it.

“What people don’t realize is everybody in that room, when it was presented said, ‘Well geez, [we’re] kind of burying those guys.’ It was addressed and it was overruled.”

Waltman responded and said that they knew what was going to happen, but they couldn’t really speak out against it. Scott Hall did confirm that it was originally supposed to be Ricochet in the spot held by Seth Rollins, but an injury caused him to miss the Raw Reunion.