Tyra Banks Dons Black Bra For An Instagram Post About Pillow Talk

Tyra Banks wears a red dress.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Tyra Banks shared a new photo on Instagram today, and the captions were all about pillow talk. That doesn’t come as a huge surprise, considering that the photo showed her posing with a white pillow next to her, as she sat up slightly for the shot.

She wore a lacy bra, as she flaunted her cleavage, and gave a smoldering look at the camera. Her hair was worn down in curves, as a large piece was brushed over the front of her face and to her side, obscuring parts of her left eye. The photo was in black and white, and has garnered over 63,000 views in the past couple of hours.

Her fans left plenty of compliments in the comments section, with many people referencing her captions.

“Pillow talk on [ste]roids,” suggested a fan, while others honed in on the “smize.” This is a term that she often used throughout her host as America’s Next Top Model to describe a coy look.

“Perfect smize,” commented a follower, and another added, “The only queen on smizing.”

Many of her other fans simply sent their love to Tyra by recognizing her as a great model.

“You are fierce and so so fabulous – I love you grrl,” gushed an Instagram user.

“You are such a lovely Diva,” another user declared.

But even with the alluring photo, there were plenty of followers who got off topic.

“BRING BACK TOP MODEL,” yelled a fan.

“I miss you and i miss your show,” said another.

There are plenty of fans who are hoping for another season for America’s Next Top Model. The topic comes up time and time again in Tyra’s social media posts, as fans seemingly can’t get enough of the show.

This was the case when Banks shared a photo of a silver sculpture earlier this month. The photo showed the silver face mold with eyelashes, with reflections of someone standing beside it. The backdrop was bright pink, while Tyra added a yellow border to the top corners.

Even then, fans wanted to know more about the show.

“Is there going to be another season of america’s next top model??? please say yes cause i want to auditionnnnn,” asked an aspiring hopeful.

Others stayed on topic and shared their thoughts on the update.

“OMG this is stunning! I can’t take my eyes off this photo,” said an Instagram user.

“I’m not sure what this is, but I want one,” another posted.