Kim Kardashian’s Graphic ‘Sun Burns’ Cleavage Video Slammed: Outraged Fans Think It’s A Publicity Stunt

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Kim Kardashian is getting slammed. Earlier today, the 38-year-old took to Instagram with some graphic and rather shocking content as the KKW Beauty founder bravely showed the platform her sunburned cleavage in videos and photos set to showcase the apparent transformative benefits of her makeup line’s body products.

Fans were shown Kim’s busty upper body in its reddened state alongside the star’s chest seemingly having been fixed by the application of KKW Beauty products. Kim mentioned the sunburn in her caption and vocally via her video.

Fan comments have been pouring in. While many sent the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star praise, not all responses proved positive. Within one hour of the update going live, some pretty slamming remarks had racked up a marked number of likes.

“Yeah, thank goodness. It would have been a travesty if you had to walk around looking like common folk for a few days,” one fan wrote.

Their comment clocked over 2,000 likes in under one hour.

Other negative remarks appeared to be suggesting that the mother of four had purposefully burned herself purely to promote her brand.

“I think you got sunburned on purpose to do this,” one user said.

“God you burned yourself for publicity” was a comment receiving over 270 likes.

While not all users responding to this comment seemed to agree, one fan appeared onboard with the idea.

“Seriously she did!!! How stupid is that..LMAO,” they wrote.

From an objective stance, Kim did appear to be fully in promotion mode: The star was, after all, directly using and speaking about her products in her update. Kim did not, however, send any indication that she would purposefully put herself through a sunburn ordeal purely for promotional benefit, and fans would likely agree that doing so would be pushing it. Nonetheless, it looks like Kim’s fans were out to probe her over the matter.

“Why do I feel like she sun burned herself on purpose? hahah,” one fan said.

Fortunately for Kim, responses to her update didn’t exclusively suggest any suspect play. Many fans seemed pumped for KKW Beauty’s new range, although fans did question whether the product stains clothes.

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Promo for Kim’s makeup range has been intense of late as the star geared up to expand KKW Beauty’s face merchandise to include body products. Kim has even included members of her family to help spread the new drop’s word with grandmother Mary Jo “MJ” Campbell volunteering as a model.

Kim’s update proved popular overall, racking up over 456,000 likes in one hour. Kim has 144 million Instagram followers.