Hilde Osland Falls Out Of A Pink Bra


Hilde Osland posted a photo of herself in casual lingerie, and her fans seem to be all on board.

The update included two photos in the set, both showing her in the same outfit and in the same location. Hilde posed in front of a mirror in a bathroom while wearing a pink lingerie set. The lingerie was light pink with white trim.

The first photo showed the Instagram celebrity tugging at the straps with her hands. Thanks to the camera angle, Osland was seen from the right hand side as well as from her reflection in the mirror.

The second photo showed Hilde a bit zoomed out, as she rocked thong-style bottoms. She was spotted grabbing her hair in a low ponytail, a white scrunchie ready on her wrist.

The photos garnered more than 18,000 likes.

“Looks beautiful on you,” commented a fan, while another complimented her saying, “U can wear anything and very gorgeous [sic] in it.”

In addition, a follower left a comment that seemed to completely miss the mark.

“The h*ll with the bracelet!!! What bracelet!!!” they exclaimed.

Hilde responded to the comment, which she punctuated with a laughing and crying emoji.

“No one said anything about a bracelet????” she pointed out.

Meanwhile, Osland’s post from yesterday was all about her hair. In the captions, she talked about her extensions while sharing images showing off her long locks.

The first photo of the set of three showed Hilde sitting with her back to the camera, with her hair pulled back in an extra voluminous ponytail. She sported a strapless crop tank, along with curve-hugging orange shorts. The model accessorized with white ribbon, and sat with lemon trees visible in the backdrop.

A second photo revealed her hair, pulled up in an an elaborate bun. Hilde placed a thin, leopard-print scarf into her hair while wearing a v-neck black shirt.

“Your hair is amazing/I love the volume. Is that the extensions?” asked a curious fan, to which Hilde responded in the affirmative.

“So gorgeous and yes your hair is beautiful,” added another.

Meanwhile, a fan wanted to know more about the model.

“What does she do in life? Other than being pretty of course,” they asked.

Luckily for them, Osland decided to respond to their question.

“Haha thank you/these pictures on my Instagram are my job,” the Norwegian beauty explained.

“Always love your photos but these are just outstanding,” gushed another Instagram user.