July 27, 2019
Lindsay Lohan Exposes Chest In An Unzipped Dress

Lindsay Lohan shared a new photo of herself wearing a sequined, peach dress, and her fans are loving it so far.

The photo showed the actress getting on her bed with one leg still on the ground. She arched her back slightly and looked over her right shoulder, pursing her lips slightly as she did so.

Lohan also left her dress unzipped all the way down to her lower back. This meant that the right side of the dress fell down her right arm to her elbows, leaving her chest exposed. While she placed her right hand in such a way to censor herself, it was possible to still see a flash of her side boob along with a wordy tattoo on her right side.

Behind her, you could see a panel of tall, decorative mirrors. A hairbrush was also on the bed and her shoes were on the ground.

As of this writing, it appears that Lohan disabled the comments section for this post for an unknown reason.

In addition to sharing sultry photos, Lohan has also been posting several throwback photos in recent days.

This includes a series of photos she shared yesterday, along with a photo of herself next to Eminem. Lohan wore a neutral-colored, low cut dress embellished with light and dark pearl-like beading in the front. She wore her blond hair down in curls.

As she posed, Lindsay was laughing while covering one hand over the other hand.

Meanwhile, Eminem was to her right, holding a dog plush. The famous rapper wore a white top and a baseball cap, which was black and white.

The photo garnered more than 100,000 likes, with plenty of fans stopping by Instagram to reminisce.

"She use [sic] to be the most wanted! so lucky and blessed. I miss her," said a fan.

Lohan has been out of the paparazzi's eye for a long time. For most of the year, she has reportedly been residing in Dubai where paparazzi are outlawed. Fans can still check her out on the newest season of The Masked Singer Australia, a television show for which she judges.

At any rate, Lohan's fans had plenty to say about her shot with Eminem.

"The good old days!! So many memories from that time!" exclaimed another.

"That strange look of slim shady," said an Instagram user.

"Sh*t @eminem @lindsaylohan collab...how many likes for this to happen," someone else added.