Donald Trump Attacks ‘Fox News’ For Showing Him Losing To Biden By 10 Points

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in the Oval Office at the White House July 9, 2019 in Washington, DC. The two leaders held a bilateral meeting to discuss regional issues.
Alex Wong / Getty Images

Donald Trump picked up his attacks against Fox News on Friday after the network’s poll showed him losing to Joe Biden by 10 points. In a tweet, the president slammed the news outlet, which he says used to be “Proud Warriors” for him, but are now showing “the Sleepy One” well ahead of him in a hypothetical 2020 run-off.

“@FoxNews is at it again. So different from what they used to be during the 2016 Primaries, & before – Proud Warriors! Now new Fox Polls, which have always been terrible to me (they had me losing BIG to Crooked Hillary), have me down to Sleepy Joe,” he said.

Shortly after, he added a second tweet, saying that he would still win despite the “Witch Hunt” against him, referring to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

“[T]he fact that I have gone through a three year vicious Witch Hunt, perpetrated by the Lamestream Media in Collusion with Crooked and the Democrat Party, there can be NO WAY, with the greatest Economy in U.S. history, that I can be losing to the Sleepy One. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!” he wrote.

The Fox News poll that the president is apparently referencing is one that shows the former vice president with 33 percent among Democratic primary voters – that’s up one point since June. Bernie Sanders captured 15 percent, up two points, and Elizabeth Warren got 12 percent, up three points. Kamala Harris nabbed 10 percent, up two points since June.

The bad news for the president is that despite the strong economy, only 36 percent of voters think the economy will improve under a second Trump term. Another 33 percent think it will get better regardless of who is in the office, and a full 39 percent think the economy would do better under a Democrat.

The poll also shows Trump trailing Biden 39 percent to 49 percent in a hypothetical 2020 match-up. He’s also behind Sanders by six percent and both Warren and Harris lead him by one percent.

The news is particularly troubling for Trump, who should have strong support because of the economy. Incumbents generally have an easier time winning re-election when the economy is good.

But Trump believes that despite the polling and the damage done to his administration by the Mueller investigation he will still win a second term. However, this isn’t the only poll that has shown him behind in recent weeks.

This is yet another in a series of attacks against the network that has been a constant supporter of Trump and his administration. He has also attacked them for hosting town halls with Democratic rivals and has called the network unfairly critical.