Kanye West Reportedly Wants Danny McBride To Play Him In Biopic

Writer and actor Danny McBride stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently and shared an insane story about spending the day in his Charleston home with Kanye West, per a video clip posted on YouTube.

"One day I got a phone call out of nowhere and the voice sounded pretty familiar, but I wasn't sure who it was," the Vice Principals actor said.

He continued by saying that it was West, who told him he was a big fan of McBride's work and that he wanted to hang out with him.

West flew to Charleston and the two spent the day together. The pair went out on a boat and watched McBride's son play Fortnite. But it wasn't all fun and games, the "Jesus Walks" rapper had business to discuss with McBride.

"He had an idea for a project, which I think is a pretty brilliant idea," McBride told Kimmel on the show. "He wanted to do a movie about the story of his life, and he wanted me to play him. So, I thought it was a cool enough idea to be like, 'Yeah, I'd love to hang out and talk about it.' So, he came down, we hung out, went out on a boat, and just talked."

McBride joked with Kimmel that if his current project Righteous Gemstones, his upcoming HBO comedy will premiere on August 18, didn't pan out, the West biopic would be his next venture.

Kimmel then asked McBride if he was sure this really happened and asked the comedian if he had ever done drugs. McBride claims that it did happen and that his son also confirms it was real.

Kimmel then joked that he would love to play West's wife Kim Kardashian West in the movie.

While McBride might have his sights set on playing West in the future, another actor will be portraying a young West in an upcoming project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jaden Smith is set to play the rapper on a Showcase anthology that takes place in an alternate universe. Omniverse is being developed by West, Scooter Braun, and writer Lee Sung Jin as a half-hour show exploring "the many doors of perception."

West will also produce the show, and it will be his first TV venture.

Jin, who has previously worked on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Silicon Valley, explains the show will follow a young man, who happens to be West but not our world's West, experiencing a new universe.