China Military Spending Increases Defended As Peace Promoting Endeavor

China defense spending

China military spending is reportedly soaring, causing some concerns about territorial disputes among nearby Asian nations. The booming defense spending budget details were not released during a press conference during the nation’s annual legislative session on Monday.

Governmental spokeswoman Fu Ying noted after the press conference that a defense spending figure would be released in the overall budget on Tuesday, Fox News notes. China military spending increases coincide with Xi Jinping’s takeover as the head of the Central Military Commission. Party leader Jinping is taking over as both president and commission head from Hu Jintao, the New York Times notes.

Fu Ying had this to say when detailing defense spending habits in the Asian nation:

“As such a big country, China’s inability to ensure its own security would not be good news for the world. Our strengthening of our defense is to defend ourselves, to defend security and peace, not to threaten other countries.”

The governmental representative also went on to state the country’s “military posture” has contributed to “world peace and stability.” Ying cited peacekeeping missions in conjunction with the United Nations and anti-piracy patrols to support the peace through hefty defense spending argument.

A new defense minister is also among the top cabinet appointments approved during the Chinese government’s legislative session. China military spending habits have reportedly grown significantly every year for the past two decades. The recent sequester drama which could mean steep cuts in United States defense spending are in sharp contrast with defense spending habits in China.

During China’s current legislative session disputes over land in the East China Sea have occurred with Japan. Planes and vessels from both countries have reportedly “confronted” one another in the disputed region. A spokesperson from the Chinese government also recently stated that Japan would be the responsible party for any “unintended clashes” over by armed forces in the East China Sea. Drama has also been growing between China and the Philippines and Vietnam over South China Sea territory.

Currently, the United States in the only country that spends more on the armed forces than the Asian nation. In 2012, China military spending rose by 11.2 percent. The approximately 67 billion increased meant the country funneled $106.4 billion into defense.

Do you find China military spending increases a matter for concern?

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