Becky G Responds After Being Accused Of Slamming Selena Gomez

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Becky G is hitting back after being accused of “dragging” fellow singer Selena Gomez. The drama all started after Becky – whose hits include the tracks “Shower” and “Sin Pijama” with Natti Natasha — was asked what she thought of Gomez’s Latin collaboration “Taki Taki,” where she features alongside DJ Snake, Ozuna and Cardi B.

While speaking to Seventeen as part of the outlet’s “Latino Legends Lyric Challenge,” Becky shared her true thoughts on the collaboration and particularly focused in on one of Selena’s lines in the huge hit, which is sung by the musicians in both English and Spanish.

Becky responded when asked for her honest opinion of the track, per a report from E! News, by joking during the interview, “I’ll never forget this one because when I heard it, I was a little confused because it says, ‘Come in the party, have a fiesta, blow out the candles and have a siesta’ but I don’t want to have a siesta in the middle of the fiesta.'”

The stunning and talented star – who The Inquisitr reported recently shared sizzling shots to social media showing her sporting an animal-print two-piece – then continued that instead of taking a snooze, she would “want to party. I wouldn’t take a nap you know what I’m saying? But of course I know this one.”

Gomez’s fans then accused the singer of throwing some serious shade in the star’s direction, with one fan in particular claiming in a post on Twitter that she was actually “dragging” the former Wizards of Waverly Place and Spring Breakers actress.

However, Becky was quick to hit back, denying any bad blood between the two and even referring to Selena as a “queen.”

“I have always loved & supported a true queen like Sel. To cut a snippet of a video & take it completely out of context is what is so wrong about this ‘Stan’ culture,” the star hit back on the social media site, before adding, “Sad to see yet another ‘fan’ going against what their favorite artist believes in by putting other females down” with a face palm emoji.

Becky G then continued, “WHO DOESNT LOVE A KIND AND PRECIOUS SOUL LIKE SELENA GOMEZ!? You got your facts wrong. I’m a Gomez myself, we don’t do that here.”

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Becky then wrote in a third tweet that she feels as though the music industry does enough pitting women against one another without fans of the artists involved doing the same thing.

The stunning singer ended her multiple messages on the social media site by writing, “Someone will always have something to say I guess.”

Becky’s tweets have gained thousands of likes from fans on the social media site since she took down the troll with her candid responses, though Selena hasn’t yet publicly commented on the latest drama involving her fellow pop star and her fans.

The star seems to be pretty busy right now despite spending a little time away from the spotlight.

After celebrating her birthday on July 22, Gomez took to social media to share a seriously sweet message for her fans, as she thanked them for all the love and support she received.

The star had a very touching tribute for her fans, as she celebrated on her Instagram page on July 24, captioning a stunning photo of herself in a long white dress, as she posed on a balcony while smiling from ear to ear as the sun set behind her.

Selena’s birthday photo has received nearly 10 million likes.