Sara Underwood Flaunts Booty In Thong Bikini On A Cliff

Vince BucciGetty Images

Former Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood posted another sizzling bikini shot in a scenic location that had her fans drooling.

Underwood shared a snap of herself walking along a trail on the side of a cliff overlooking a stunning body of water. Some greenery was visible on the top of a cliff in the distance, but Underwood was moving along a rock cliff face in bare feet.

As usual, Underwood didn’t don hiking gear for her outdoor adventure. Instead, she wore a skimpy nude bikini top and thong bikini bottoms that showed off her ample assets. The sunlight shone on Underwood from the side and illuminated her bronzed skin, and she had her arms outstretched for balance and to enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

In her caption, Underwood revealed a bit more about why she loves the outdoors so much. As she explained to her followers, she enjoys solitude and having a bit of space to herself. While she has her partner Jacob Witzling for company, she seems to be living a fairly solitary life when she’s out in the woods of the Pacific Northwest working on their cabin project. It seems that’s her ideal scenario. However, she still has access to her 9.2 million eager fans through social media.

The shot Underwood shared received over 101,000 likes within just 18 hours, and her fans couldn’t get enough of her beautiful body — and the beautiful view.

One fan, in particular, asked where the shot was taken specifically, and Underwood revealed that the snap was at Cape Flattery, a spot in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

Another follower couldn’t stop staring at Underwood’s assets and asked for her secrets in the gym to achieve her toned physique.

“Girl, I need your booty workout please.”

Another fan shared a compliment that incorporated Underwood’s love of the natural world.

“Basking in the open bosom of Mother Nature. You surely are her greatest project eh.”

While Underwood generally doesn’t include photo credits in her captions, as most of her shots are selfies, she’s included her boyfriend Jacob Witzling’s handle in the past two shots she shared.

The duo just might be taking a quick break from building cabins and deciding to explore the area they’re spending so much time in. Underwood seems to be constantly on a quest to find new, scenic backdrops to serve as photo locations — and to admire. Just two days ago, she shared a breathtaking shot from a lavender farm that had fans gasping.