Tara Reid Is A Total Beach Babe In White Swimsuit: ‘Sweltering Heat Needs A Cool Off In Malibu’

Florian SeefriedGetty Images

Tara Reid isn’t a face that anyone has forgotten. The American Pie star may have peaked in the 2000s, but this is one 43-year-old who has kept her looks. The blue-eyed-blonde has taken to Instagram for a swimwear update, and by the looks of it, Tara nailed everything about the post.

Tara’s picture today showed her frolicking the shores of Malibu, California. While the star was channeling a bit of a Baywatch vibe from her one-piece swimsuit and the sandy setting, the look was mostly low-key. Tara appeared carefree and laid back as she strolled the lapping waters with the sun beating down on her.

Given that the blonde had opted out of Hollywood’s trademark shades, it did seem that she was harnessing a natural approach. Tara’s long blond hair appeared windswept and her largely makeup-free face gave off a natural glow. The perma-tan years seem well and truly over for this actress.

Tara was photographed from the knees up. The camera had taken in her slim legs and shapely hips, but today’s post wasn’t offering any cleavage. Given that a caption from Tara had mentioned hot weather and the need to “cool” down, the photo also ticked boxes for seeing a hot and bothered situation pulled off with marked ease. Then again, an ocean breeze can do wonders during a heatwave.

Once a notorious party girl, Tara appears to have toned down her ways. The star’s social media offers fans a grounded and down-to-earth feel, although Tara’s twinkling eyes and stunning smile haven’t gone anywhere. Likewise present is Tara’s trendy fashion sense.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Tara sparked concern last year after an interview on Australian television appeared to show the actress slurring her words. Tara reassured her fans that she was doing just fine.

“While it’s unfortunate to see some of the recent negative press following a successful week of promoting and supporting the film, I’m happy to know that my fans continue to stand by me — this is for them!” she wrote.

The 2018 headlines weren’t be the first time this star has had her fans worried, though. As The Mirror reports, Tara unleashed a separate wave of concern last year when photos of her in a bikini appeared to show a plummeting weight. Tara’s skinny frame has made headlines in the past, although the blonde has always maintained that she does not suffer from an eating disorder.

Tara’s update today proved popular. The beach babe look has garnered over 500 likes in under 30 minutes. Tara has 216,000 Instagram followers.