Will Smith Co-Stars With Younger Self In ‘Gemini Man,’ New Trailer Details The Sci-Fi Film’s Message

Will Smith speaks during a press conference for "Aladdin"
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Will Smith plays opposite his younger version in dueling roles for Gemini Man, the prolific actor’s newest film set to debut in the fall. A fresh trailer brought so much interest that the upcoming science-fiction movie was trending on Bing on Wednesday.

Gemini Man tells the tale of an over-the-hill hitman named Henry Brogan who is closely followed by a determined assassin. The killer, called Junior, was cloned, becoming a younger version of the aging man. He was created solely to kill his older doppelgänger.

At the beginning of the trailer, Henry stated in a voiceover, “When I saw him, it was like I was seeing a ghost.”

Meanwhile, the action indicated that Junior had been trying but not succeeding in coming through on his deadly assignment. He attempted to gun down Brogan from a balcony above him and he tried shooting him while the two were driving their speeding motorcycles nearly parallel to each other.

When the pair literally came face-to-face, both versions were shocked. Apparently, the slaughterer clone didn’t realize why he was told to go after Brogan until his target explained the situation, referring to his old boss, Clay Varris (Clive Owen).

“How did he start you? Hunting birds, rabbits? I’m guessing 19, 23-years-old for the first he ordered you to shoot a person,” Brogan stated, addressing Junior.

The clip continued to show the young assassin’s inability to kill the older assassin.

“Twenty-five years ago he took my blood. He made you from me. He’s been lying to you the whole time. He told you you were an orphan and of all the person in the world to come after me why would he send you?” Henry asked, addressing Junior.

Their discussion continued as a voiceover.

“Because I’m the best.”

“You are definitely not the best.”

“You’re just trying to rattle me.”

“I’m trying to save you,” Henry insisted as the two fight it out, eventually falling from a crumbling building’s balcony into a pool of deep water

The clone conversed with his owner who told Junior that he was created so that he could possess Henry’s gifts without his pain.

At this point, the war was on between 50-year-old Henry and 23-year-old Junior. The teaser showed all kinds of assassination attempts from both sides, including machine gun shootings, knifings, firebombing, and so on. Stunt doubles definitely had their work cut out for them.

While this was going on, someone asked Henry if he has ever been in a situation where his own country has tried to kill him.

“Naw, that’s new,” he replied, shaking his weary head up and down.

As their war heated up, Henry asked Clay why he didn’t make a whole army in his likeness.

His former boss told him he “should be flattered.”

Henry came back at him, stating, “You should be dead.”

A tagline running across the screen cleverly asked, “Who will save you from yourself?” as one of Will’s characters walked forward after being set on fire. His entire body was shooting flames.

The teaser ended with Henry asking his clone, “…what if someone actually knew what we really are?”

At that point, credits rolled and the trailer representing Will Smith’s new movie, directed by Ang Lee, came to an exciting conclusion.

Gemini Man hits theaters on October 11, 2019.