July 25, 2019
Oklahoma City Teens Allegedly Chased A Family Of Undocumented Immigrants, Shot Them With BB Guns

A group of Oklahoma City teenagers allegedly chased a family of undocumented immigrants around their neighborhood, shooting them with BB guns, Oklahoma City's KFOR-TV reports.

A woman who asked to be identified only by her last name, Quintero, says that she and her daughters had been out and about on Monday and returned home, only to see three teenagers on her property. When the teens saw her, they fled, but Ms. Quintero and the daughters chased them -- that is, until the women saw that the teens were holding guns. She didn't know at the time that they were BB guns; thinking they were real, she and the daughters fled and returned home.

Back at her home, Quintero saw a bunch of strangers -- a father, his two sons, and 6-year-old daughter -- cowering and hiding. The father explained to Quintero that they'd been shot at with BB guns by the teens. He had been hit in the shoulder, his 11-year-old son had been hit in the arm, and his daughter had been shot in the leg.

"I was terrified. I'm still terrified. The little boy was holding his arm. I said, 'Let me take you to the hospital, he's bleeding,'" Ms. Quintero said.

The family was reluctant to go to the hospital, however, as the family, from Honduras, were all undocumented immigrants and didn't want to get noticed. They were equally afraid to report this crime to the police, so Ms. Quintero reported it for them.

Immigration attorney Lawrence Davis, however, tells KFOR that Oklahoma City police will not report victims of crimes to immigration authorities, even if they're undocumented immigrants. However, he says that not all undocumented immigrants understand this, and many are reluctant to report being victims of crimes.

In fact, Oklahoma City is one of several cities in which the police and city officials will not cooperate with federal immigration officials when it comes to identifying, arresting, and deporting undocumented immigrants.

What happened this week in Oklahoma to a family of immigrants is a far cry from what happened to a family of undocumented immigrants in Tennessee. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, in Nashville, ICE agents attempted to serve a warrant on a father and son. Neighbors locked arms around the family to allow them to get safely back inside their home.

Back in Oklahoma City, Ms. Quintero says that the teens involved in this crime have been terrorizing the neighborhood for weeks, and she wants them arrested.