Why Katy Perry’s Soaking-Wet Swimsuit Photos Alongside Shirtless Orlando Bloom Are Creeping Fans Out

Andreas RentzGetty Images

Paparazzi images of Katy Perry and her fiancé Orlando Bloom appear to have caused a stir. On Thursday, The Daily Mail published photos of the 34-year-old singer and her 42-year-old beau aboard a yacht in Mallorca, Spain. Blurry as some of the snaps were, they did show fans a fair amount of detail – Katy was seen sunning herself in a sexy black swimsuit with a cleavage-flaunting neckline while Orlando sported bright yellow swimming trunks.

The newspaper’s photos appeared to show the couple’s every move. Included in the report were images of a soaking-wet Katy getting onto some motorsports equipment, plus intimate snaps of the couple enjoying some downtime near cushioned outdoor seating.

It looks like the level of media focus has sparked a negative response – quite simply, fans seemed put off by just how nifty the camera lens was in following Katy and Orlando.

“How incredibly intrusive,” was one of the most upvoted responses, with over 330 users agreeing.

“These photos are creepy they’re so invasive,” was another popular comment, with over 82 users giving it the thumbs-up.

“Grainy, zoomed in, intrusive photos,” another wrote.

While comments weren’t exclusively geared towards this couple’s privacy being invaded, it did appear that many users had been taken aback.

“This is super creepy,” one fan told the newspaper.

When it comes to celebrity paparazzi photos, most fans respond positively. Either they’re pumped to see their favorite stars in a candid moment or they’re in it for the gossip. Comments left on Katy and Orlando’s photos did include remarks about the singer’s weight and her new blonde hair.

There’s another side to celebrity fandom. The general public appears to finally be appreciating just how intrusive the media can be – for the most part, though, complaints towards the paparazzi’s presence are still made by the celebrity (not the fan).

Famous faces sunning themselves on yachts have filled the media these past few months. Kendall Jenner and model pal Bella Hadid have been papped aboard a yacht in Monaco with Kris Jenner. Men In Black actor Will Smith was recently photographed with his 18-year-old daughter Willow and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith – the family was vacationing in Italy along with Willow’s boyfriend. Likewise snapped aboard a vessel this month has been actress Kristen Stewart – as The Inquisitr reported on July 18, the Twilight actress was photographed topless.

Katy and Orlando’s fans definitely seemed out for support this week. Clearly, though, the paparazzi has creeped a fair few of them out.