Venezuelan Fitness Bombshell Michelle Lewin Flaunts Curvy Derriere & Rock-Hard Abs In Instagram Video

Michelle Lewin attends the 2016 MAXIM Hot 100 Party at the Hollywood Palladium
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Michelle Lewin is a Venezuelan fitness model who has built a massive empire based on her insane physique and incredible dedication to her health. The 33-year-old regularly flaunts her killer body and promotes her various products via Instagram, and her latest post doing those very things is driving her followers wild.

In a short video clip shared earlier this week to her Instagram page, Lewin wore a skintight pair of leggings with a matching workout crop top from her one0one line. It looks like these are Michelle’s “Alaska” pieces that come in a vibrant turquoise color, and they look absolutely stunning on the Venezuelan beauty.

Lewin wrote a lengthy caption promoting her meal plan app as she showcased her curves in the video she took herself. Michelle had her short blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail as she twisted to and fro in what appears to be the luxurious dining room area of her Miami, Florida, home.

Michelle’s chiseled abs looked truly jaw-dropping in this outfit. The same could be said for Lewin’s infamous pert booty that she made sure to flaunt as she captured the video. The Venezuelan native has 13.4 million followers on Instagram, and within just a couple of days, this video was viewed about 465,000 times by her fans.

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In addition, more than 600 of Lewin’s followers commented on the post. People loved the look and were stunned by how insanely fit Michelle is these days. Not only are fans impressed by the model’s figure, but they also love her bubbly, positive personality, too.

“Such a positive soul …. I love your energy. I love that you continue to smile even when others rather see you not.”

Those who have followed Lewin’s fitness journey over the years know that she has not always looked this amazing. In fact, as The Inquisitr shared not long ago, she had opened up about how an injury had led to some weight gain. Now that she’s recovered, she’s in truly stellar shape once again.

“@michelle_lewin been following for a while I can see your hard work and dedication pays off you have an amazing physique, gorgeous.”

The positive emoji were plentiful throughout the comments, and fans seemingly could not get enough of this breathtaking look. In another recent Instagram post, Lewin showed off her snakeskin bodysuit from her M Elle line, and she wore long, blonde extensions in her hair. That post received more than 270,000 likes and 1,780 comments.

No matter what Michelle Lewin wears in her Instagram posts, her followers go wild over how she looks. The Venezuelan fitness bombshell never fails to motivate and inspire her fans, and people are always anxious to see what kind of sexy shot she shares next.

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Snakeing around New York City

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