Danielle Knudson’s Nude Photos Send Instagram Into A Meltdown

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images for Wilhelmina Models

Canadian lingerie model Danielle Knudson brought Instagram to its knees with her latest posts. On Wednesday, the blonde bombshell broke the Internet after sharing a sizzling collection of rare nude photos that left fans speechless and gasping in awe.

While the 30-year-old hottie has been known to take her top off in front of the camera – one particular beachside photo in which Danielle posed topless on the wet sand had Instagram calling her a “mermaid,” as previously reported by The Inquisitr – it’s not often that the gorgeous lingerie model completely strips down for a photo shoot. The last time she posted a nude photo was in April of 2018, as shown by a quick scan of her social media page.

“Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are,” she wrote on Instagram at the time, quoting beloved TV personality, Ellen DeGeneres.

The new snapshots, which Danielle shared in two separate posts, were captured for the prestigious Dauphine magazine and showed the fair-haired beauty flaunting her spectacular figure with disarming charm and a heavy dose of sex appeal. Although the stunning blonde noted that the pictures were not new, her reposts stirred a lot of reaction among her vast base of admirers and immediately sent temperatures soaring all over Instagram.

The first photo, published to Instagram separately from the others, saw the gorgeous model showcasing her insane body as she posed from the side while sitting down on the floor. Wearing nothing but a collection of sparkling gold jewelry, Danielle looked nothing short of spectacular as she showed off her killer curves in the jaw-dropping nude pic.

Snapped against a baby-pink background, the Canadian bombshell stared directly into the camera with an intense gaze as she sultrily placed her hand on her hip, highlighting her incredibly narrow waistline. Her curvy backside and voluptuous thighs were also on display, as was her perky chest – censored only by her golden locks. A string of necklaces draping down her back added an elegant touch to the torrid shot, beautifully complementing the two bracelets that she wore around her wrist and ankle.

“Best photo ever of you [clapping hands emoji and heart emoji],” one fan wrote under the sweltering photo, which Danielle accompanied with an uplifting, empowering quote.

“Embrace and love your body it’s the most amazing thing you will ever own,” the Canadian beauty penned in the photo caption.

Danielle followed up with a collection of three scorching snaps, each showcasing a different part of her naked body. One pic was closely cropped to her bare chest, giving fans an eyeful of her topless cleavage. To make sure that the photo wasn’t too NSFW, the smoldering lingerie model covered up her buxom curves by placing her bejeweled hands over her busty assets. Opulent gold and silver statement rings sparkled on all of her fingers, calling even further attention to her shapely bust.

A swipe to the next slide showed Danielle donning a pair of modern, geometric-shaped gold bracelets as she showed off her cleavage and washboard abs. Photographed against the same pink background, the Canadian beauty crossed her arms over her chest in a coquettish gesture that both lured the eye and censored her breasts, all the while provocatively looking into the camera with her lips slightly parted.

The third and final pic in the set was centered on Danielle’s ring-adorned fingers. Glimmering with a bounty of gold rings, her delicate hands appeared to be tucked in between her legs, snapped as they were encased between her chiseled thighs.

Needless to say, the photos sent fans into a frenzy, as comments began pouring in as soon as the post went live.

“Incredible,” read one message, trailed by a litany of heart emoji.

“Fascinating,” remarked another person.

One of Danielle’s adorning fans wrote, “OMG AMAZING SHOOT” in all caps and preceded by a string of flattering emoji.

“@danielleknudson1: the most #AmazingThing on the Internet today!” penned another Instagram user, ending their comment with a heart-eyes emoji.