Jeffrey Epstein’s Jailhouse Injury Leads To #ClintonBodyCount Trending

Roy RochlinGetty Images

For as long as Bill and Hillary Clinton have been in public life, some of their more fringe opponents have pushed conspiracy theories that one or both of the Clintons have a history of murdering their political opponents.

No such theories have ever been proven or even come close to be proven, but accusing the Clintons of murder has been a pastime among many in the more conspiratorial corners of the right. A documentary was released in 1993, called The Clinton Chronicles: An Investigation Into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton which, per Amazon, accused the then-president and first lady of a series of killings related to drug trafficking at the Mena Airport in Arkansas.

In the 1990s, per The Chicago Tribune, fringe opponents accused the Clintons of murdering then-Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, who died in 1994 when his plane crashed into a mountain in Croatia. And more recently, a series of conspiracy theories, also entirely debunked, have alleged that DNC staffer Seth Rich’s 2016 murder was masterminded by the Clintons. Per The Inquisitr, there was a Russian element to the pushing of the theory that Rich was killed in retaliation for having leaked to Wikileaks.

Now, with the news — which was reported by The Inquisitr — that disgraced financier, accused sex criminal and sometime Clinton associate Jeffrey Epstein was found injured and “semi-conscious” in his jail cell Wednesday, it’s once again being tied, with no evidence and possibly by malevolent figures, to the Clintons.

Both the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount and “The Clintons” were trending on Twitter on Thursday morning, in reaction to the news about Epstein. The hashtag was divided among those who believe the Clintons have had a long list of people killed, with those accusing Russia or others of pushing a bot campaign in order to get the hashtag trending, and those chastising Twitter for allowing the hashtag to trend.

There has been zero evidence indicating that the Clintons had anything to do with Epstein’s injuries. The NBC News station in New York, which broke the story, has a source saying that the accused sex trafficker “may have tried to commit suicide,” with another source speculating that Epstein may have harmed himself in order to gain a transfer to another facility.

Furthermore, The Daily Beast reported this week that Epstein has been threatened by other inmates since he arrived in jail, which is not a rare occurrence for accused sex offenders.