Fans Barely Recognize Lamar Odom In Latest Paparazzi Pics

Jemal CountessGetty Images

Fans have been clicking on a headline bearing Lamar Odom’s name, but not all proved able to recognize the former NBA star with ease, though.

Earlier today, The Daily Mail published photos of the 39-year-old filming a new reality show in Miami, Florida. As the newspaper reports, the retired basketball star was walking the city streets with a friend. Lamar’s 6-foot-10-inch frame was appropriately clad for the summer heat as the sportsman wore a white tank top paired with floral-patterned shorts in pastel yellow and green. His Nike socks and sneakers appeared slick, and some bling was manifesting via a gold chain necklace and flashy-looking watch.

Fans would likely argue that Lamar looked the picture of health. In fact, that seems to be the reason some of them have had trouble recognizing him. Viewers of The Daily Mail’s photos have been leaving their thoughts.

“Hardly recognised him. When he was with Khloe, he always had foodstains on his clothes,” one user wrote.

“What a transformation. However addiction is something to be managed for the rest of one’s life so stability is vital for him,” another added.

“He’s def looking better these days” was also noted.

Several users remarked on Odom appearing to look healthier, although one fan did seem to find him looking “troubled.”

Odom’s history with drug addiction has been both public and life-threatening. A brush with death made major headlines in 2015 when Odom was found unconscious at the Love Ranch brothel just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Earlier this year, Lamar’s involvement with substances returned to the news for better reasons with the release of his book Darkness to Light: A Memoir. The work sees Odom open up about his battle with addiction and his sobriety journey, and it also mentions his former marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar opened up to CNN earlier this year. The star appeared to speak with a sense of perspective.

“When you’re sober, you’re present. And when you’re present, you kind of understand the consequences and repercussions of what you do, and therefore I have no will to do any drug that isn’t marijuana. I understand the consequences and repercussions of getting high.”

Lamar denies having taken drugs during his 2015 incident, though, per CNN.

Fans are likely excited to see Lamar return to reality television. The star featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians during his time with the 35-year-old, and the pair also had the spinoff show Khloé & Lamar. Fans wishing to see more of Lamar should follow his Instagram.