‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax Has A Plan When He Invites Nina & Valentin Out To Dinner

Todd WawrychukABC Press

What is Jax up to now? General Hospital previews have indicated that he will be approaching Nina Reeves with an invite. He wants to take her and Valentin out for dinner. That is a curious turn of events since Jax has no love at all for Nina’s fiancé.

Jasper Jacks first came to town to console his daughter Josslyn after she lost Oscar to cancer. However, he decided to stay indefinitely. He has taken over at Crimson and is also the reason that Hayden Barnes returned to Port Charles unexpectedly. Now, he is going after Valentin, and fans are anxious to know why. While this episode was originally supposed to air on Wednesday, The Inquisitr had revealed that General Hospital decided to do a schedule change because of the Mueller testimony. Wednesday’s episode will now be shown on Thursday.

In the previews shown on Tuesday, Nina looked quite surprised when Jax asked her and Valentin to have dinner with him. He wants to take them out. Maybe it’s because he wants to get to know them better as a couple, but fans know that is likely not the case.

Jax is up to something, and it will come out eventually. He and Hayden are working together, and that has something to do with Valentin and Cassandra Pierce. The files that Curtis found in Jax’s office proved he is targeting them both for some reason. He definitely has an agenda for returning to Port Charles.

Instead of Jax taking Nina and Valentin out, Nina is expected to turn the tables and invite Jax over to Wyndemere for dinner. Will he bring a guest with him? It’s very likely. Hayden made it look like she and Jax were an item when she first came to town. Now, Jax may just want to use that to have her tag along with him to Spoon Island as his date, but they are sure to have something else up their sleeves.

The disappearance of Cassandra Pierce is still a mystery at this point. No one knows who took her in the first place. She could still be being held captive somewhere. What does she have to do with Jasper Jacks?

SheKnows Soaps teases that Friday’s General Hospital will have Nina bearing some bad news. Will something happen during the dinner with Jax? Or does it have something to do with her Crimson story on Ava Jerome?

More tidbits will be revealed soon on what has brought Jax and Hayden back to town. Keep checking back for more General Hospital updates and spoilers as they happen.