Jojo Babie Spreads Legs In Plunging Bodysuit


Jojo Babie captured her fans’ attention with one of her newest Instagram posts, as she sported a plunge bodysuit while sitting on the stairs. The model struck a sexy pose, as she spread her legs, placed her feet far apart, and gave a sultry look at the camera. The low camera angle emphasized her curves, as she left her chest exposed. Her hair was worn down in loose waves, which she let fall in front of her left shoulder. The shoes she wore were also eye-catching, as they featured clear heels. This photo received over 108,000 likes.

But it wasn’t just the photo that drove Jojo’s fans wild, as she asked her followers to let her know how much they like Asian girls, on a scale of one to 10. Predictably, such a question prompted a flood of comments. While many fans simply responded with “10,” there were some that tried to get creative.

“From 1 to 10…….37 million,” declared a fan, while another said, “110.” This was followed by another person that stated, “10,000.”

Others took this opportunity to admit their affinity for Asian girls.

“Asian girls have always been my secret crush!! You are definitely #1 on that list,” complimented a follower, while another noted, “I think Asian girls are so mysterious and have always wanted to date [sic] a Asian.”

Since this update, Babie’s shared one more update. The photo showed her posing outdoors on the side of what looks like a highway. Behind her, you could see tan hills. Her outfit included a tiny crop top and an even smaller pair of denim jean shorts. The top was a mustard yellow color with front buttons and was made of crochet fabric. The shorts were heavily frayed and were so short that they barely covered up anything. Jojo’s belly button piercing was also prominent.

The model stood the camera with her left hand on her head, while her hair seemed to be blowing in the wind. The update garnered over 108,000 likes. Jojo asked in the comments if anyone would give her a ride.

“You are built like a temple,” declared a fan.

Others focused on responding to Jojo’s captions, including one fan that joked that she could cause a car wreck if she didn’t watch out. Others noted the following.

“You should have a ride in a New York minute looking like that,” observed a follower, while someone else simply said, “I would give you a ride anywhere you want to go.”