Jeffrey Epstein Visited White House During Clinton Presidency, 'The Daily Beast' Reports

Ever since Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and hit with new sex trafficking charges earlier this month, much attention has been paid to the various ties the disgraced financier once had with two presidents, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

A video surfaced last week of Trump and Epstein together at a party in the 1980s, per The Inquisitr, while Clinton issued a statement after the arrest seeking to distance himself from Epstein, according to another Inquisitr. More recently, an old photo surfaced of Epstein and Clinton together in Brunei, amid baseless conspiracy theories that Google was suppressing the photo, The Inquisitr said. The Brunei photo was included in a notorious Vanity Fair article about Epstein that was published in 2003.

Now, The Daily Beast has discovered that Epstein paid multiple visits to The White House during Clinton's presidency.

The report states that in 1993, Epstein gifted $10,000 to the White House Historical Association at the time of a White House renovation, and as a result he was invited to and attended a donor's reception hosted by President Clinton and then-First Lady Hillary Clinton, although it's not clear if he spoke to them in person

Epstein later paid multiple visits to a White House aide named Mark Middleton. Middleton, who was a presidential aide early in Clinton's first term, was also a known friend of Donald Trump's and later got in trouble when he was found to have maintained a phone line in the White House even after leaving his official government job, the Beast report said.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, an heiress who was an outspoken supporter of Hillary Clinton's presidential run in 2008, later "wrote a personal letter to Clinton thanking him for their talk about" the financier.

As is always the case with White House visitor log stories, regardless of who is president, a visit to the White House does not necessarily mean that the visitor met directly with the president or went to the Oval Office.

Clinton, in his early July statement, claimed that he had no knowledge of Epstein's crimes, and listed a handful of times that he had been on Epstein's plane, in the early 2000s, shortly after he left office. He also copped to having once visited the financier's New York apartment, although he denied having ever been to Epstein's private island or to his residences in New Mexico or Florida.

A 2016 Fox News report, however, had obtained flight records that appeared to confirm Clinton had been a guest on Epstein's plane, which was known as the Lolita Express, at least 26 times.