‘Maxim’ Bombshell Rachel Bush Shows Off Plenty Of Leg In String Bikini For Racy Instagram Photo

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Rachel Bush is showing off plenty of leg in her latest racy Instagram snap.

The Maxim model took to the social media site on Wednesday to share a picture of herself wearing a string bikini as she showed off her long leg. The Instagram picture was a big hit with Rachel’s fans, attracting thousands of likes and scores of comments complimenting the model on her curves. The 21-year-old also asked her followers to share how old they are, with answers across the spectrum from 6 to 60 — assuming that all those answering were being honest.

Rachel has seen a meteoric rise in the world of Instagram modeling, using the attention from her famous husband to launch a very successful career as an Instagram model. Rachel is the wife of NFL player Jordan Poyer has gained a big following by sharing plenty of racy pictures that put her curvy physique on display, more than doubling her following over the course of the last year to recently top 1 million.

While her relationship with the starting safety for the Buffalo Bills has helped Rachel get some spotlight, Rachel Bush has also taken advantage of just about every opportunity available to grab some more spotlight. That even includes some not-so-great press, like when her husband allegedly had an affair with a college student, who shared some private messages she had received from Rachel warning her away. The incident made the rounds in the celebrity gossip world, but also helped bring more attention to Rachel’s modeling career.

Bush has also gotten some help from her famous friends. She has amassed a tight-knit group of fellow Instagram models, including one of the best-known across reality television and social media, Khloe Kardashian.

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21, how old are y’all? Comment below

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It’s not clear just how much money Rachel Bush makes from her Instagram page, but it’s likely a very nice income. The model, who has also appeared in Maxim, frequently shares sponsored posts for her partnerships with some top fashion and swimwear brands. As The Hub reported, models on Instagram with big followings can command up to five figures for a single post.

“Danielle Bernstein, a model with over one million followers, charges between five thousand and fifteen thousand dollars per post. However, there are other models who ask companies to pay them one dollar for every like their post receives in addition to a payment upfront,” the report noted.

Those who want to see more of Rachel Bush can check out her Instagram page.