Kylie Jenner’s Billionaire Status Straight-Up Challenged As Ridiculing Fans Slam ‘Office Day’ Tour

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Kylie Jenner is receiving some backlash. The 21-year-old recently took to her Instagram stories to offer fans an insider tour of her Kylie Skin headquarters. Kylie’s footage didn’t take long to go viral – the Daily Mail picked up on the billionaire’s video within a matter of hours. As the outlet reports, the video took viewers around the pink-colored workspace that forms the base for the star’s 2019-launched beauty brand.

The video showed Kylie Skin’s headquarters as a pink-centric, girly, and glitzy workspace. The office space features the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s first name in bright pink lettering, plus pink-colored candy and oversized Kylie Skin products in a “showroom.”

Those who commented on the Daily Mail‘s report didn’t appear to be slamming Kylie’s brand. Alongside questioning the decor, they seemed, above all, out to challenge Forbes‘ March headline – the media outlet announcing Kylie as the world’s youngest and “self-made” billionaire made global news earlier this year.

Thoughts were left in the newspaper’s comments section.

“There is no way she is a billionaire” reads the most upvoted comment.

“Neither self made nor a billionaire, no matter how much Krooked Kris pays DM & Forbes to say so,” another user wrote.

One user appeared out to challenge both the star and Forbes itself, per their comment.

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let em wonder ????

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“1.) She’s not self-made. 2) Forbes admitted that they couldn’t verify the numbers Kris gave them. Kylie is rich but not as rich as she claims to be”

Elsewhere, Kylie appeared to fall under fire on the decor front.

“That is not a setup for serious business work….it’s a play office….” one user stated.

“She acts like a little kid playing store!” was another comment.

Many others echoed the decor-centric sentiment, although the star wasn’t exclusively slammed.

Kylie’s status as the world’s youngest billionaire remains a hot topic. Following the March announcement, the mother of one took a firm stance in defending her status – despite her wealthy upbringing in the marbled mansions of Calabasas, California, Kylie maintained that she’d earned every cent of her $1 billion net worth. As The Independent reports, the Kylie Cosmetics CEO was adamant – “none” of her cash was “inherited.”

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hello paradise ????

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The makeup mogul later appeared to backtrack her statement with an acknowledgment that she’d received “help” on the financial front, per The Inquisitr.

Regardless, it looks like those who watched the Daily Mail‘s video seemed particularly suspect over Jenner’s net worth. Kylie’s billionaire status is largely thanks to her 2015-founded cosmetics brand Kylie Cosmetics. Earlier this year, the star expanded her empire into beauty products.