Bikini Competitor ‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee Wows In Tiny Hot-Pink Gym Outfit Ahead Of Series Return

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Mackenzie McKee has a lot to look forward to. The Teen Mom 3 star is set to resume her appearances on the MTV franchise with a return to Teen Mom OG. The 24-year-old hasn’t been on-air for quite some time, but her activities haven’t being ignored. The mother of three’s Instagram followers have been tracking her every move. Mackenzie’s dedicated fans likely picked up on her Instagram Stories earlier today.

Mackenzie’s Instagram Story today came from her favorite place – the gym. This active mother is both a fitness model and a bikini competitor. She spent much of the month of June prepping herself for a hardcore muscle show at a bikini competition that saw her flaunt her rippling strength in a tiny red-and-white two-piece.

Today’s Instagram Story may not have brought fans any swimwear, but it did throw out the blonde’s killer gym body. Mackenzie was wowing in a hot pink tank top paired with tight black shorts. Given that Mackenzie was surrounded by fitness equipment and balancing on one leg while clutching her knee, the outfit seemed fitting. Mackenzie appeared in the video with her husband Josh McKee. Fans of Teen Mom 3 will remember this couple and their three kids — Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs Weston.

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I carried this one in a Tula until he literally outgrew it. But now he just clings right on. After getting my tubes tied, although I would love to adopt one day, I hate watching this one grow up. Good thing he is obsessed with his momma. I too was the baby of the family and cling to @angiedouthit until grade school ????????????‍♀️. Literally people would have to peel me off of her. Must be a baby of the family thing. Who else is a baby of the family and struggled with being attached to momma? Be sure to check out my story for a swipe up link to my most recent YouTube video. And be sure to subscribe ????????????❤️. In today’s video we celebrate the fourth, take a trip to New York, and I get to come home and love on Broncs ❤️❤️❤️ #mommasboy #fitmom #gym #momof3 #bodybymac

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When it comes to having fitness as a lifestyle, Mackenzie is spoken for. This former cheerleader regularly updates her Instagram from her grueling sweat sessions. She even includes her kids in them to make working out a family affair. For Mackenzie though, there’s a competitive edge to being active. Whether competing in outdoor races or bikini events, this girl operates with success as her aim. It seems to bring her pleasure, peace, and the incentive to keep going.

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Ok peeps show is over. I have worked until I have nearly passed out daily. 3 hours a day I have dedicated to muscle growth and my physique. My body did much better before I got my tubes tied and I walked into this day feeling like I worked 10x harder than I look. There were 12 of us and I did not place top 5 like I wanted. I nearly broke down in tears and stayed after to get the judges feed back because you never know what they were looking for. They told me I am awesome on stage and present myself well, I also carry a lot of muscle which I was so happy to hear. So when I asked why I didn’t place they said “o you also carry a lot of fat” ???? with how hard I’ve worked and how hungry I am from eating so strict that was hard to hear. Idk what i can do to keep my muscle and get this fat off of my butt but that’s what they say stood between me and the top placements. . I’m simply built like a tree trunk muscle head ????. I also talked to the first place winner and she said “I competed last week and didn’t place top 5 but looked just like this so you NEVER know how they judge” So that eased my mind. But I worked hard, had fun, and one day I’ll have a trophy in my hand.

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Mackenzie’s workouts come with a challenge, though. The star has Type 1 diabetes. The auto-immune disease that makes stabilizing blood sugars somewhat of a nightmare might bring Mackenzie down in mood, but it doesn’t stop her from achieving her goals.

An Instagram selfie of Mackenzie in the gym earlier this month came with a full mention of the condition via a caption.

“Some days I just want to live like a normal human, but that is not an option. Some days are harder than others, I am slowly learning to accept type 1 diabetes. I honestly don’t mind all daily needles and pokes, but being sick is miserable. Anyways, it’s been a rough two weeks. But nothing will stop me, I’m finding my fire, I’m pushing through, and I’m climbing to the top when they said I couldn’t.”

Fans would likely agree that Mackenzie looks absolutely incredible. The star’s return to Teen Mom OG was confirmed by The Inquisitr earlier this week.