Jenna Jameson Shares Stunning Side-By-Side Snap Showcasing Her Svelte Figure After 80-Pound Weight Loss

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Jenna Jameson isn’t shy about showing off her fabulous figure after working hard to get healthy again over the past couple of years. The former adult film actress loves to post side-by-side before-and-after shots to her Instagram page and on Wednesday she shared a fantastic one. She also wrote a lengthy post intended to help her followers find motivation and happiness in their lives.

As is often the case in these side-by-sides from Jameson, she is holding her daughter Batel. Jenna has been open about how much she struggled with her health after having her baby girl a couple of years ago and she frequently shares honest glimpses into how she looked at that difficult point of her life.

Since starting to focus on her health again, Jameson has lost about 80 pounds. Jameson has been diligent in following a keto diet, practicing intermittent fasting, and staying sober.

In this latest comparison, the left side shows Jenna holding Batel when the little one was a few months old. Jameson is dressed in all black with a long-sleeved top and full-length black leggings that essentially hide her larger figure. Jenna’s hair was a vibrant red color and she smiled as she looked at Batel.

In the photo on the right-hand side, Jenna is wearing a skintight scoop neck workout top that flaunts a fair amount of her cleavage. Jameson paired the top with simple black leggings that hugged her curves and showed off her fit physique.

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So I wanted to talk to you about motivation and happiness. I think in our society right now it isn’t easy to feel actual happiness. Here are my tips to achieve true happiness. 1. Be of service to others, nothing brings joy like giving. 2. Get outside, vitamin D from the sun is proven to lift your spirits. 3. Get active, even 20 minutes a day will change your outlook. 4. Get sufficient rest, this isn’t always easy but try to get 8 hours! 5. Ask questions and actually listen. 6. Call your family members and express your love. 7. Sit down and have quiet time to reflect on all of your blessing for 10 minutes a day. 8. Make your bed the moment you wake up. 9. Ask you children how they feel and validate their feelings. 10. Remember everyday that you are worthy and important. I live by these. What do you do to bring joy to your life?

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Jenna held Batel in this photo too, propping the little girl on her left hip in both shots. This current photo, however, shows a much bigger Batel who seemed to be giggling as her mom held her. Jameson had her other arm raised up to her head to show off her sculpted arm and tattoos and she had her blonde hair swept up into a high ponytail atop her head.

In the caption that she posted alongside the photo comparison, Jameson shared her tips for achieving happiness. Jenna explained that she doesn’t think it’s easy for people to feel happy in today’s society, and her tips were simple changes people can make to take care of themselves and feel better about their daily lives.

The former adult film star has 470,000 fans following her on Instagram and she has a reputation for being quite interactive with those who comment on her posts. This latest photo quickly garnered several thousand likes and hundreds of comments in just 30 minutes of being on her page and the commentary covered a lot of ground.

Some of Jenna’s followers commented on how adorable Batel looked and many shared their own tips or praised her suggestions. Jenna Jameson has navigated plenty of tough times in her life over the past few years, but she seems to be living her best life in Hawaii now with her daughter and beau by her side. Her supporters think she radiates health and happiness and they are always inspired by posts like this latest one.