Wendy Williams Criticized For Wearing Daisy Dukes At Age 55

Santiago FelipeGetty Images

Wendy Williams is being criticized online for her most recent ensemble, and some fans are claiming that she’s too old to be showing too much skin.

According to The Daily Mail, Wendy Williams was photographed by the paparazzi in New York City on Wednesday as she headed to film her talk show.

Wendy sported a gray short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of very short daisy dukes. The denim shorts put Williams’ long, lean legs on full display as she wore a pair of nude fishnet stockings underneath.

Wendy completed her ensemble with a black belt, white and gray sneakers, multiple bracelets and a watch on her wrist, a chain around her neck, and a pair of oversize, blue-tinted sunglasses.

Williams also carried a black leather purse, pink tote bag, and a cheetah print bag over her shoulder.

Wendy has her long, blonde hair parted down the middle and styled in loose waves that fell down her back and over her shoulders.

While the talk show host’s fans thought she looked amazing, others believed that Wendy was dressed inappropriately for a woman of 55.

“Her style is awful. Like ur [sic] 55 now no booty shorts,” one person wrote in the comment section of the post, which had 128 upvotes.

“No to the shorts. Throw the whole outfit away,” another fan commented, gaining 80 upvotes. Others revealed that they thought Wendy Williams looked “ridiculous” and said that it wasn’t a good look for her.

According to People Magazine, Wendy doesn’t seem to care what others think as she has been living a brand new life since filing for divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., earlier this year.

When asked during an interview with SiriuxXM’s Karen Hunter whether or not she would change her last name, Wendy got emotional.

“No, my name is Wendy Hunter. That’s my son’s name. And you can’t take away — don’t make me cry. I am at peace with the world and everyone around me. The cops aren’t protecting me, so I learned how to run. You know what I’m saying? You don’t want to get splashed in the face,” Williams stated.

When the host began to ask about a possible reconciliation between Wendy and Kevin, the talk show host cut her off, revealing that she will never get back together with her estranged husband, and that although her family is going through a process, everyone is good, and that they’ll always be a family.

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