Erica Mena Spills Out Of Tiny Gold Bikini

John SciulliGetty Images

Erica Mena was spotted in a tiny gold bikini yesterday, and she reposted the photos to her Instagram Stories. The pics were taken by photographer Shannon Laurie and geo-tagged at the Point Dume State Beach. The series of three photos showed Erica in a glittery gold string bikini, which was embellished with large sparkling teardrop-shaped accents. These were clustered towards the top of her bikini top and along the edges of her bottoms.

The first pic of the series showed Mena as she posed with her left hand in her head, and her right casually beside her. She wore her hair down in tight curls. The second photo was zoomed out and showed Erica standing at the beach with the ocean behind her. She popped her right foot and looked into the distance.

The final one shows Mena sitting on a rocky formation, as she closes her eyes and purses her lips seductively. Her skin was glowing in the sun, and her gold eye makeup complimented her look. She braced herself with her arms and displayed her toned legs.

While Erica’s social media feed is usually filled with flattering pics and videos of her, she took the time yesterday to repost an Instagram photo of Janise Harris, a girl who was reportedly violently attacked by fellow teenagers, as reported by the New York Post.

The video, which was taken by a bystander who laughed along as the girl was being beaten, was watched over 5 million times. It was apparently posted by friends who wanted justice for the girl. Since then, the hashtag #JusticeforJanice has gone viral alongside the video. In addition to being outnumbered, the girl is reportedly disabled.

Fans poured in with their comments about the attack, some thanking Erica for spreading the word. Many seemed in disbelief that the incident event happened, with many expressing concern for Janise’s current status.

“You might not read this or respond but I want to say thank you for bring this to light this happens more than you know,” said a fan, adding, “I’m born and raised in the Bronx I’m a job coach who works with the mentally disabled so this really hit home for me I’m glad to know that they found her.”

“Live in Chicago and didn’t hear about this I pray they are or were caught,” declared another, while a fan exclaimed, “Smh I hope she gets justice! How u jump someone who clearly wants no beef?!!…”