Anne Hathaway Debuts Baby Bump In Tank Top For Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Anne Hathaway surprised her fans today with a photo of herself with a big baby bump on Instagram. The selfie, which was posted in black-and-white, showed Anne standing on the left side of the frame and wearing a flowy, white tank top. She placed her right hand on her waist, while holding her phone. She smiled with her lips closed for the shot, while wearing her hair down in a casual style. Behind her, you could see a couch and a chair. The update, although only posted a half hour ago, has already garnered over 764,000 likes.

In addition to the happy news, fans have noticed the captions, which gave a shout-out to people who have struggled with what Anne dubbed the “infertility and conception hell.” The message has been well-received by many people, who not only congratulated the actress, but also extended their thanks.

“Congratulations!! And as someone who is infertile, thank you for being so inclusive in this message. It’s never expected, but so appreciated. Wishing you the very best,” noted a fan.

“So nice for someone to address the fertility struggle!” added another, as someone else responded, “Thank you for this message! You’ve brought me peace.”

Others focused on sending Anne their good wishes.

“Can’t imagine a better princess diaries 3,” joked a fan, while another simply exclaimed, “CONGRATS MY QUEEN.”

This is Anne’s second baby. Her first baby, with husband Adam Shulman, was born in March 2016. His name is Jonathan Rosebanks. And considering her high level of secrecy during her pregnancy with Jonathan, it’s not too surprising that she kept the news under wraps for so long. While Hathaway didn’t mention how soon she expects the baby to arrive, the baby bump is very noticeable in the photo.

According to People, Hathaway was later very honest about the little lies she told about her first pregnancy.

“Because people [would] come up and [have such] good intentions but they were like, ‘Do you know what you’re having?!’ And I was like … ‘Hmm. No.’”

The actress also later admitted that she would give people the wrong information when they prodded her about the baby’s due date. Although Jonathan was born in March, she apparently told people that he was due in May. Considering that she’s a world-renowned actress, however, it was probably not too difficult to tell these little white lies. Likely, she wanted to enjoy giving birth in peace, with the public none the wiser.