‘The Little Couple’ Return Date Announced As Jen Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, And Zoey Visit India In Real Life

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

The Little Couple is returning to TLC with new episodes soon, much to the delight of their anxious fans. Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein had previously noted that they were still filming for the show, but viewers have been stuck with another lengthy hiatus between seasons, with no end in sight until now. Not only is the family back with new shows on TLC soon, but they are on an amazing trip right now in real life.

People shares that Season 10 of The Little Couple will begin in August. A big sneak peek is out, teasing spoilers about what viewers will see when Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey return to their television screens. TLC also shared the preview clip on their Twitter page. There is a ton of fabulous stuff on the way.

Season 10 will feature Will and Zoey having adjusted pretty well to their new home in St. Petersburg, Florida. The family lived in Houston until a couple of summers ago, and the upcoming episodes pick up with the family in Florida feeling relatively settled.

Viewers will see Will doing Cub Scouts and Zoey taking Bollywood dance classes, and both kids will take an interest in their heritage and what their lives were like before they were adopted by Jen and Bill. The family will do some sailing, which Zoey apparently hates, and they’ll be seen having fun playdates with friends.

The Little Couple fans know that it is not uncommon for the family to face serious health challenges, and spoilers reveal that there is another obstacle for Jen to conquer in Season 10. Luckily, it isn’t that her cancer is back. However, Arnold will need hip replacement surgery.

This surgery is seemingly Jen’s 35th, and despite having been through dozens of operations already, she and her family are still feeling anxious. Viewers will see all of that come together during the upcoming new episodes. It seems that Jen has come through this latest challenge pretty well.

In the spoiler preview, Jen talks about how she loves that Zoey is inquisitive about India and proud of her ties to the country. While viewers surely will not see it in the upcoming season, the family is currently traveling throughout India in order to show Zoey a bit more of where she lived for her first couple of years. It seems likely that this excursion will be included in the season after this upcoming one.

Long-time Little Couple fans remember the family’s original trip to adopt Zoey. Not only did Zoey struggle, which is typical with adoption placements like this, but it was also during this trip that Jen became seriously ill and had to return to Texas. There, she discovered that she had cancer. Thankfully, this trip doesn’t appear to have the difficult attachment and illness challenges that the family once faced.

The last that The Little Couple viewers saw of the family on-screen was in an episode last December, when they traveled to China to explore Will’s country of birth. Spoilers tease that Jen, Bill, Will, and Zoey have been through a lot since then, and fans will get to see it all for themselves when Season 10 premieres on TLC on August 6.