Viral Video Shows Woman Going Ballistic On Airplane, Throwing Laptop At Boyfriend For Looking At Other Women

A picture of an airport tarmac.

A viral video shows a violent confrontation on an airplane when one enraged woman apparently caught her man checking out other women and decided to go on the attack.

The incident happened onboard an American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles, with video of the incident capturing viral attention online. The video picks up as the woman is already berating her boyfriend with a series of expletives as the flight attendants try in vain to get the woman to stop swearing in front of the young children sitting nearby.

As the New York Post noted, the woman appeared to be enraged that her boyfriend was checking out other women.

“You want to try to f***ing look at other women, n***er? Nah, f**k you!” the woman could be heard screaming. She then threatened the man, “Watch ’til we f***ing get home.”

The woman then appeared to strike the man, though the camera’s view was partially blocked by a pair of male passengers sitting in the seat ahead of them who tried their best not to turn around and look at the commotion. This prompted the flight attendants to ask the man to get up and come with them to safety, but he could not avoid a second and more brutal attack.

As the man walked toward the front of the plane, the woman appeared to hold a laptop over her head and slam it down violently toward the man. It was not clear if she made contact, as her actual throw took place just outside the range of the camera, but when the woman came back into the frame a female flight attendant could be seen holding her head.

The woman charged back to her seat to get a purse, where a male flight attendant stopped her and told her that she would be charged with assault for the attack on her boyfriend.

“Fine, whatever,” she shot back.

Video of the on-flight attack has garnered viral interest across social media. After being shared to Twitter, the video made its way to Reddit where it was initially misidentified as a Spirit Airlines flight. Some well-traveled online sleuths were able to spot the in-flight magazine and correctly identify the flight as one from American Airlines.

But there was little else in the way of details about the viral incident, including the name of the woman seen attacking her boyfriend on the American Airlines flight or what charges she might be facing.