Model Camila Coelho Poses In Sexy, Mismatched Bikini & Instagram Thinks She’s Unreal

Camila Coelho attends a Michael Kors show.
Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

Camila Coelho is living her best life at a Revolve Clothing event in Cuixmala, Mexico.

Many models are currently attending “Revolve Summer” and the bombshells in attendance have been sharing a ton of photos and videos from their time there. So far, Camila has shared a few snapshots from the model-studded event, and one of her more recent sexy posts has earned her a lot of attention from fans already. In the amazing new photo, the model lays on the stonework next to a pool that is decorated with a blue and white checkered pattern.

Coelho’s stunning figure is on full display in the shot while she’s clad in a mismatched bikini that features a tiny red top and equally as small white bottoms. Her washboard abs take center stage in the shot and her toned legs are also on full display in the image. She appears to be wearing minimal makeup in the NSFW post, covering the majority of her face with a pair of big sunglasses. Meanwhile, the beauty accessorized the look with a set of necklaces as well as a few bracelets on her left wrist.

Since the post went live, Camila’s 8 million plus fans have gone wild over it, giving it over 122,000 likes, in addition to 580-plus comments. While some fans commented on the photo to let Coelho know that her body looks amazing, countless others raved over her beauty.

“You’re unreal,” fellow model Kara Del Toro commented with a heart-eye emoji.

“OMG sooo beautiful. Love the bikini,” another gushed with a few heart and arrow emoji.

“Simply perfect,” one more fan remarked, adding a series of heart-eye emoji.

As some of her fans know, Camila actually started off her career as a makeup artist before gaining a ton of fame on social media. Currently, she boasts over 8 million followers, and in an interview with Entrepreneur, she chatted about her booming career and how she got to where she is today.

“When I started on social media, Instagram didn’t exist. The first platform that I had was YouTube and then I created my blog upon request from my followers there. Then Instagram came up. Today it’s the platform that I grew the most.”

“It’s where I share a little bit of everything. With Stories now as well, I’m sharing video. With YouTube, I only post one video per channel as week, and it’s mostly tutorials,” she continued. “But on Instagram you see everything, my lifestyle and what I’m doing in my everyday and also my fashion content.”

Now, Camila has made a career out of being a model and influencer and she says that she gets approached by a ton of brands on a regular basis, who are willing to pay her in exchange for a post promoting their product. While she may be gorgeous, it also seems as though Coelho is a great businesswoman as well.