Selena Gomez Flashes Mega Cleavage In Pic That’s Reportedly Earning Her $30 Million

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Selena Gomez may come as one of Hollywood’s lowest-key celebrities, but this star knows what she’s worth. As Vogue documented back in 2017, the “Fetish” singer signed a reported $30 million contract to front sportswear giant PUMA nearly two years ago. While the figure was reported as allegedly being slightly higher by E Online, it’s likely small potatoes for this high earner.

The 27-year-old has featured in the brand’s latest Instagram update. PUMA updated its account with a picture of Selena yesterday.

Selena appeared photographed full length in a look that was nothing short of wow. PUMA appeared to have outfitted Gomez in an ensemble that flaunted her sizzling curves and rock-hard muscles all at once. Selena’s sexy red-and-blue sports bra was flashing her cleavage, but this wasn’t a raunchy snap. With a power feel from a power figure, the update appeared the epitome of a fit Hollywood star showing that she means business. Gomez’s cropped upper was paired with tight blue leggings featuring semi-sheer panels. Both the bra and leggings bore PUMA’s well-known logo, although Selena’s white sneakers didn’t seem to be showcasing it.

Selena was snapped between wire-framed structures with her wrists hanging over poles either side of her. A fierce and confident expression came from the star as she gazed directly into the camera.

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As followers of popular culture will know, Gomez swiftly replaced Kylie Jenner as the brand’s face following a series of campaigns that largely proved ill-received. The sports giant appeared to have ditched the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star for a more relatable figure, although Kylie hasn’t lost out. The 21-year-old has a deal with competing brand Adidas.

Selena has spoken out about her collaboration with PUMA. Her Vogue interview came with the down-to-earth and honest tone that Selena’s fans know and love.

“When it comes to this whole world of fashion—that’s what I’m going to call it—I think it’s become this collaborative thing where streetwear and fashion blend into one. It’s a really beautiful thing because I see girls now feeling sexy in not even necessarily workout clothes, but clothes you could go work out in, then put on a cute pair of shoes and go out after. That’s what’s so crazy about now. Even just throwing something over a workout pant or just sweats, you kind of feel like you can do whatever you want.”

PUMA’s Instagram update yesterday proved popular, racking up over 230,000 likes. Fans wishing to see more of Selena should follow the singer’s Instagram.