Lamar Odom Wants To Fix Relationship With Khloe Kardashian & Family

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Lamar Odom is not ready to let his relationship with former wife, Khloe Kardashian, go. In fact, he recently revealed that he’s hoping to reconnect with Khloe as well as her famous family in the future.

According to TMZ, Lamar Odom has recently been taking up motivational speaking and says that it has helped him be able to forgive himself for all of the mistakes he’s made in the past such as drinking, drug use, infidelity, and neglecting relationships with his children.

Odom says that he often feels like he’s failed as a father, but that he’s trying to fix that by getting his kids involved in his motivational speaking journey.

The former Los Angeles Laker says that bringing his kids with him on the journey has allowed them to grow closer as a family, saying that they’re trying to make up for the lost time and help his children move past their issues as well.

Meanwhile, Odom says that he wouldn’t change his reality TV past with Kardashian, calling the experience one of the best of his life.

“Doing reality TV and being married to Khloe, besides having children and besides me doing this motivational speaking that I’m going to start doing, that was the most memorable part and the best part of my adulthood. So, there’s nothing I regret about that,” Lamar stated.

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What do you think is the number one killer of dreams ? It's fear. Today, my body is healthy, my mind is at peace, I love my children and they love me. Thats it. It's the ONLY thing that matters in my life today. What is accomplishment to you ? And why? You will accomplish NOTHING in life if you don't start fighting your fears. Fears are lies. Voices in your head that will tell you to give up. Voices telling you that you can't and won't. The biggest battle I fought in life is the fight against my fears. The reason i am making a comeback to basketball is because I REFUSE to listen to my fears but instead follow my heart. My heart, telling me that I have to play basketball one more time to show people that you can OVERCOME addiction and LIVE a happy life enjoying the little things. I used to win NBA championships and chances are small that I will ever be playing on NBA level or maybe I will. Who knows? I am a believer of the POWER OF WILL, that's how I won my championships. I believed I could and I did! But listen to this, I don't have to be a NBA champion again to make a difference in the life of my kids, people around me or even in yours. Maybe I can show you that you can become a champion in defeating your addiction or help others defeating theirs.. Those are the real champions of this world. We need more of these messages in this world today. It's the year of execution not talking. Im ready for you. For today, I hope you can shut down that voice of fear and see how the universe is gonna reward you back for just believing in yourself. #fearisalie ???? @ryanloco

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Lamar Odom also revealed that he’s hopeful he can rebuild a friendship with both Khloe Kardashian and her family in time.

“Hopefully, me going to public speaking can even bring me closer to the Kardashians and help me rebuild that bridge,” Odom added.

Previously, Lamar opened up about how he will always love Khloe, even though she has moved on with her life and is now the mother of a baby girl, True, whom she shares with her former boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

It was Khloe who helped Lamar recover after his nearly fatal drug overdose at a Nevada brothel back in 2015, despite the fact that the pair were no longer together.

Odom says that he believes he survived that ordeal as apart of God’s plan in hopes of helping other people learn from the mistakes of his past.

Recently, Lamar released a memoir titled Darkness to Light, where he opened up about his relationship with Khloe, his addiction issues, and the struggle to work through the demons of his past.

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