Potato Parties: $250 Worth Of McDonald’s Fries Makes For The Worst Kids Food Fad Ever

Potato parties are all the rage in Asia.

Kids in South Korea are allegedly crazy about McDonald’s french fries. So much so that they are purchasing massive amount of the fries and throwing “potato parties.” Since the invention of the McDonald’s french fry in 1948, millions of the greasy little potato wedges have been marketed and sold to children across the globe.

But rarely are so many sold to so many children at one time. Reports say that a group of children in South Korea purchased $250 worth of McDonald’s french fries. Video footage — seen below — shows what the goods look like spread all over multiple tables at the popular restaurant. Kids in Asia are flocking to McDonald’s since they dropped the cost of french fries. These kids are buying fries in bulk and having group face-stuffing parties, dubbed “potato parties.”

And sometimes, things get a little rowdy. While the kids seemed to be enjoying stuffing their faces with the golden potatoes, other customers were peeved at having to wait for the kids’ massive fry order. Lines got backed up; chaos ensued. The group of kids in South Korea who purchased $250 worth of fries were eventually asked to leave the restaurant after causing a ruckus and making other customers angry.

Kids in Asia are flocking to McDonald's for their cheap fries, hosting potato parties.

According to Japanese reports, some potato parties require participants to consume every single french fry that is set on the table. In case you’re wondering, a small order of fries has 230 calories. The group of Japanese kids who allegedly ordered 60 large orders of fries had 30,000 calories spread across their table.

McDonald’s has been under attack in the last several years for marketing their greasy fast food to children. Since Ronald McDonald was introduced in 1962 — specifically to market the chain’s products to kids — there has been an increasing epidemic of childhood obesity and weight-related illnesses such as diabetes. Yet the popular french fry hasn’t lost any friends.

While the potato party fad is all the rage in Asia, McDonald’s fries are popular in a surprising American location: Children’s hospitals. Reports show that hospitals have made uneasy agreements with the fast food company, maintaining that kids who are sick need good nutrition and “their favorite foods” when they are sick and in the hospital.


In other news, McDonald’s will be adding their newest Fish McBites to kids meals. A little variety from chicken nuggets.

Do think think potato parties are the worst kids food fad ever?