‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: Elimination Order For Season 6 Revealed By Reality Steve

John Paul Jones joins 'Bachelor in Paradise'
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Season 6 Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there is a lot of crazy stuff coming up that will have fans buzzing. Spoiler king Reality Steve is breaking down all of the details about what happens, and he has shared specifics regarding which contestants go home when.

In his latest blog post, Reality Steve reveals that several potential contestants were in Mexico as filming began, but they were never brought onto the show. Apparently, that small group includes Brook Forester, Nina Bartula, and Danielle Lombard. Danielle will be apparently seen during the wedding of Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, which happens during Bachelor in Paradise, but she never joins the cast.

After the first round of dates, the men give out roses to the women at the first rose ceremony. Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that three ladies will head home at this point: Jane Aver, Annaliese Puccini, and Bibiana Julian.

Before the second rose ceremony, viewers can expect to see a lot of drama. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Blake Horstmann reportedly comes under fire from several of the ladies for some antics that happened before filming. Despite the drama Blake faces, he won’t be eliminated at this point.

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Ahead of this rose ceremony, Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada will get into a physical confrontation and be booted off the show. When it’s time to pass out roses, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Onyeka Ehie will choose not to hand hers out and she eliminates herself. In addition, Wills Reid, Kevin Fortenberry, and Cam Ayala will be sent home.

Another round of dates and plenty of additional drama comes next, and then the women are in charge of handing out roses again. Reality Steve teases that Tahzjuan Hawkins and Haley Ferguson butt heads and this ultimately leads to Tahzjuan not getting a rose from anybody. Jen Saviano and Caitlin Clemmens will also be eliminated.

During this same round of dates, Dean Unglert will decide to quit and head home. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that he will give Caelynn Miller-Keyes his rose as the two have been hanging out together a lot up to this point. However, he doesn’t see it going anywhere and leaves. Reality Steve says this won’t be the last viewers see of him, though.

Heading into the fourth rose ceremony, there will be a confrontation between Derek Peth and John Paul Jones that prompts Derek to quit the show. Mike Johnson will end up without a rose, leading to his elimination. As The Inquisitr noted, it would seem that this also leaves him available as a fan-favorite contender to be The Bachelor this winter.

The fifth rose ceremony sets the stage for the finale, and Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that there is a lot of chaos as the cast is significantly whittled down at this point. Dean is said to return to reunite with Caelynn, and she quits to leave with him.

Connor Saeli will be stunned by this after starting to connect with Caelynn. In addition, he’ll also be hoping that Whitney Fransway will show up after he met her at Chris and Krystal’s wedding.

Connor will quit, Whitney will show up and be disappointed that he’s not there, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that they’ll spend time together off-screen and are still dating.

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Blake and Kristina Schulman will both quit at this point, as will Sydney Lotuaco. At the rose ceremony, Luke Stone will discover that nobody wants his rose, so he leaves, and Haley will depart, too.

There will be seven couples remaining after this rose ceremony. Spoilers share that they will need to decide whether to head off on an overnight date or not and if they don’t, they split and head home.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that John and Tayshia Adams will end things at this stage, as will Matt Donald and Bri Barnes. Chase McNary and Angela Amezcua had become a couple who made it this far, but they also break things off before the overnight.

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After the overnights, Reality Steve says that Nicole Lopez-Alvar splits with Clay Harbor because he doesn’t seem willing to commit. That leaves three couples, and as The Inquisitr has shared, all three reportedly get engaged. Those who may have been hoping that Clay and Angela might rekindle their romance by both appearing on Season 6 apparently will be left disappointed.

Will the relationships that come out of Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise manage to go the distance? This spinoff of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette actually has a pretty solid track record in this respect and fans will be anxious to see how these connections and splits all play out when BIP debuts in August.