Meghan King Edmonds Opens Up About Son’s ‘Irreversible Brain Damage’ Diagnosis

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Between a cheating scandal and her son’s recent health issues, Meghan King Edmonds has a lot on her plate. Recently, the mother of three opened up about her son Hart’s current health following his devastating diagnosis of “irreversible brain damage.” In a new interview with The Daily Mail, the 34-year-old shared that her son’s brain damage is “not progressive,” and they’re hoping for the best, though they’re not really sure what to expect.

“We don’t yet know how it will affect the rest of his life, like speaking in sentences or his physical abilities. He looks very normal to a regular person. He chases after his brother and sister.”

“I’m just hoping that all the early intervention stuff we’re doing now is going to help him and by kindergarten he won’t be doing any more therapy at all,” she continued. “He will essentially have grown out of his diagnoses.”

As The Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Meghan took to her blog to share her son’s most recent medical diagnosis. In the post, she told fans that her son has minor periventricular leukomalacia on both signs of his brain but more so on the right. This explains why the toddler had some noticeable issues like favoring his right side and having some of his physical milestones delayed.

After explaining his diagnosis in-depth, Meghan told fans that Hart’s condition could eventually turn into a number of things with one of the possibilities being cerebral palsy. But even though Hart’s condition is a tough one to swallow, Meghan said that she and her husband, Jim Edmonds, are trying to remain positive, noting that they don’t feel “punished” by the condition.

While Meghan definitely has a lot on her plate when it comes to her son and two other kids, she also was recently rocked by a scandal involving her husband. As fans know, it was revealed that Jim traded explicit photos, including one of his genitals, on Instagram messenger with a fan named Jennifer Villegas. The 49-year-old says that he and Villegas never made physical contact but noted that he had a lapse in judgment. After having some time to digest things, The Inquisitr shared that Meghan decided to forgive the former MLB star because the affair never turned into anything physical.

“I knew it was just a sexting thing. The pics she sent him were all highly filtered and she had sunglasses on, body parts were altered. It was all very sex-related.”

She also noted that Villegas was just after Jim for money and even called her a “con artist,” who has done similar things to famous figures in the past. For now, Meghan and Jim are in the midst of working things out.